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SCRAM: Dispelling The Myths

February 5, 2012 by Britton_Riley

(Originally Written and Posted January 29, 2012)

Scrammy is all jazzed up!!

I am loving all of the feedback I am receiving! Your comments are awesome, so please keep them coming!

When I found out that after negotiations with the District Attorney, it had been determined that I would be wearing the SCRAMx Alcohol Monitoring System for 6 months as part of my punishment, I had no idea what to expect. First I thought no sweat, don’t drink for 6 months, how hard can that be?! Easy breezy! Then I began searching the internet for any information I could get my hands on to try to prepare me for the next 6 months. Let me tell you, there is a lot of scary stuff out there! I now thought I would have to go through life for 6 months as “the girl in the bubble”, avoiding everything and anything that could possibly pose a threat to Scrammy. I read about SCRAM registering a “tamper alert” all the time, even in the middle of the night while someone was sleeping. I read where one person was arrested in the middle of their accounting class for a SCRAM violation. I even read where someone received a letter in the mail saying they needed to report back to court due to a SCRAM violation that they weren’t even aware of. All of these personal accounts of “false” tamper readings and such scared the crap out of me! I thought this was going to be the worst 6 moths of my life and that I would be walking around on eggshells, treating Scrammy as if it were a wound that needed to be handled ever so carefully.

After only 5 days of Scrammy and LOTS of fantastic FACTUAL data from The Experts (aka Kathleen, who works for SCRAM and found my blog….can you say Heaven Sent?? She is my little SCRAMx Angel!) I am happy to report that this is definitely NOT the case at all!

Here are some of the myths that Kathleen has graciously corrected for us:

Can you put gas in your car without it going off? SCRAMx’s Kathleen says:

Well no need to worry about pumping gas. In fact you should be able to do most of your normal daily activities while wearing SCRAMx. The issue is getting alcohol containing products (like your hairspray, a cleaning product, gasoline) right in the area of the bracelet. Pumping gas–not a problem. Pouring gas down your leg or on the bracelet–definite problem.

Can I get near my husband if he has been drinking, is wearing cologne, or has put on lotion? SCRAMx’s Kathleen’s answer:

We may get low readings if you’re in bed with your spouse, he’s had a lot to drink, so it’s good to be cognizant of that. Cologne and lotions on him, should not be a problem, even sleeping. Just be cautious about quantities of these products near the ankle/bracelet. Now, we can tell the difference between something environmental or topical and actual drinking/consumption. We confirm a drinking event based on ALL the data points from an entire event. The event has to have an absorption rate, a peak, and a burn off that meet our mathematical criteria of how the body will metabolize that alcohol. Something environmental will likely peak much faster than drinking ever would, and will evaporate much faster than the body could ever metabolize alcohol. However, many people, in an effort to mask a drinking event might pour something on the bracelet. We may still see the drinking within that event but might not be able to confirm it. As a result most jurisdictions define something like that as a violation–it’s like messing with your urine test.

Now that is some major info, y’all! And it’s factual!! Right from the source! Thank you Kathleen!!! I do not have to live as Bubble Girl!!

Mouthwash has alcohol in it. I can’t use it, right?

Mouthwash–no worries! Gargle away! (Pouring it on the ankle/bracelet–well worry.) Even swallowing mouthwash shouldn’t be an issue UNLESS you drink enough to actually get drunk.

What if I get sick. Cold medicine contains alcohol. Do I just have to suffer?

Doesn’t matter if it’s vodka, vanilla extract, or cough syrup–alcohol is alcohol. But you would have to consume some pretty vast quantities of those things to start registering consumed alcohol….and if you do…well, you’re drunk.

I just love her witty answers!

And the final words of wisdom from Kathleen for my Scrammers:

Rest easy, 80% of everyone who wears SCRAM has ZERO violations while they’re wearing it. None. Nothing. And they’re living daily life just like you are.

Whew! What a relief! Bubble Girl be gone!! This means I will certainly be avoiding Bitten and Bound’s worst dressed list now that I know I won’t be sporting rubber gloves as a staple in my wardrobe!

I have one more question for Kathleen. Since I will have to travel 450 miles to have Scrammy’s battery replaced when it dies, how will I know when it is getting ready to die? Just so I can be prepared. Any and all maintenance must be done by the Sheriff’s Department in Tennessee (which requires an 8 hour drive or an airplane).


  1. Kelly says:

    Hey Britton!
    Thank you so VERY much for your posts! I totally enjoy reading them very inspirational! I too am with a new friend we have been together now for six whole days with 84 to go. I got so paranoid after reading all the negative posts! We must be very careful how we treat our new friend as I have realized. So far all has gone wll and I am truly enjoying my soul searching experience. Thanks again for the positive outlook!

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Thank you so much for reading! So nice to meet a fellow scrammer! I am happy to know that the information that I am sharing is helping. Have you bedazzled yours yet? :) Take good care and best of luck to you with your new little friend!

      • Zachary says:

        Hey Britton,
        I was put on the the SCRAM braclet at the beginning of January and I live in a state that is very cold in the winter. I have recently gotten quite sick and I am afraid to take cough meds. I was curious of how much it would actually take to set off the SCRAM braclet. I just want to know how big my security net is. Thank you

        • Britton_Riley says:

          Hi Zachary! I am sorry to hear that you have been so sick, that is no fun at all! According to what Kathleen at SCRAM said, you would have to consume much more than just your typical dose of Nyquil or other cold medicine to register “consumption”. (By the way, Dayquil is alcohol free and works great!) If it were me and I was going to take a cold medicine that contained alcohol, I would call my representative at Premier Integrity Solutions who helped me set up my modem. (In my case, it is the lovely Gabriele) Gabriele sees all of my readings and would be alerted if anything abnormal came up. I stay in close contact with her at all times, especially if I am going to expose myself to something out of the ordinary that may alter my readings. I hope this helps you! Thank you so much for reading and good luck with your Scram. Sounds like you have had yours about as long as I have had mine! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

        • Weni says:

          Hi.., I’ve been aware that I’m an alcoholic for years now.., I had a DUI about 5 years ago and ended up hnviag to go to Diversion , I passed through the diversion honestly basically by drinking a ton of water and not getting drunk for a couple days before the UA but after the meetings I’d head out to my car and go home to a 30 pack and a fifth or half gallon of rum or something ., it’s been like 2 years since I’ve gone even 5 days without drinking and I can’t remember how long since I even went 3 whole days without ., when I did stop drinking for 6 days I took paxil during that time to try and calm me down but I don’t like paxil because it seems to just make me totally numb and it’s a bitch to come down off of when you stop taking it , anyways I haven’t been to any AA meetings or anything because actually I have severe anxiety , I am not on medication but I want to get on meds however I’m unemployed and I don’t have any health insurance , I have Tourettes Syndrome, OCD, ADHD, and Social Anxiety Disorder and I’ve basically been self medicating with alcohol but I know Alcohol just makes things worse.., it’s a vicious cycle.., I feel freaked out and depressed about a lot of things , I end up hating myself for drinking but that just ends up making me want to go drink more to forget how much I hate myself for drinking ., I think if I could find a steady job that pays anywhere near enough to even live on then I think I could at least cut way back on drinking but I don’t know I gotta stop , it’s killing me , I mean I’ve been drinking for about 8 years now.., and it’s ruined my life and my reputation , I’ve made tons of enemies , and besides that I actually had an accident a couple years ago where I shot myself in the foot with a 44 magnum , that’s healed up but that happened because I was drunk and I told myself and the doctors that I was never gonna drink again , but as soon as I could bare the pain to hop to the refrigerator on crutches I was I reaching for what was left of a six pack in the fridge , I watched a girl I know almost die and she is dying all because of drinking .., she’s got cirrhosis of the liver , and well , My liver lets me know it’s in there , i can feel it.. , I’ve got no insurance and no money but I need to get on medication and I could probably use detox and rehab , I’m not sure what to do If I could just make myself remember the way I feel the day after I do something stupid on alcohol , remember how horrible I felt and how embarrassed and ashamed and how I almost get myself killed or remember how much I freaked out , if all that guilt and freaking out and anger towards myself could just come rushing back whenever I even think about buying a beer then it’d probably help with stopping..

          • eden says:

            I know its been a long time since you posted this, but I really hope that you’re doing okay!!! I would totally recommend Alcoholics Anonymous!!! :-) I am an alcoholic and thought that nothing could ever help me to stay sober. But AA has literally saved my life!! You don’t have to feel alone there… Everyone has more or less been in your shoes and so they don’t judge you. In AA if you reach out your hand for help, there are 10 other people reaching back to you. Everybody’s soo willing to help because it helps them stay sober by helping other people. And its free!!! The only requirement is the desire to stop drinking…Find a meeting in your area and just go! :-)
            Good Luck!!

          • jenn dreis says:

            My step dad got into a salvation army program…it was free, but a long commitment and you have to work there too…one of my dads. Jobs was laundry…they give you everything down to clothes and you get therapy, dui classes, you have to go to church Sundays, you have to help clean the dorms, you can’t have visitors or call for like 30 days…its a 6 month program and another optional 3 month relapse prevention program, you can take the up on group or one at a time family therapy…I think 28-30 day rehabs are a joke, I don’t feel its long enough to get your habits changed…you also (weather or not you need it or not…) Help learning to manage a real regular life doing things like work ethics, bills, personal responsibility, and lots of things in addition to the addiction….they help you to deal with mental health issues, grief, anger and many things that lead to drinking and I believe they even have a doc that would help treat your medical issues or at least help you find that and other ways to help with not self medicating…I don’t know if you have a salvation army, but if you do great! If not I would look into talking to your probation officer if you have one or even going to a few aa meetings and asking around….her we also have a phone line to ask a nurse to be referred to different programs….I also went to my local jail and asked if they where aware of any programs and I was given like 3 pages of options ( some free, some not), but I your situation I would start by looking into salvation army (not the 2nd hand store, but they are affiliated), then ask at the jail for lists of places to get help, then asking around aa, or even Google free alcohol treatment (then your zip) then it should help you find something close, my dads was a bit over an hour away. You have to go in, do paperwork, and take a urine test and a breath test and then a tuberculosis test, but its little to do for what you and your potential family could get to help your relationships with them and heal you…those are my .02 I do hope you have received help by now, but if this doesn’t help you, maybe it will help someone else, we used the one in Denver, CO if that helps you find their website, I apologize I don’t have it right now…great luck, and as long as you commit it could be life changing to you AND your damaged relationships…

      • Nina says:

        Ok so here is a question. I am supposed to wear an alcohol tether on Monday and it is Saturday today so if I drink today will my tether pick it up even when they put it on

        • Troy says:

          No. SCRAM works in a way similar to a breathalyzer, not in a way similar to the ETG urine test. So if you drank (say) 8 beers on a Saturday you risk setting of an ETG taken Monday. But not a breathalyzer used Monday. And for that reason, you wouldn’t set off the SCRAM on Monday.

    • Donna says:

      I have had the SCRAM on since December, 2012. I went to have my nail done and when I went in for my download they said there was a spike. They said they new I wasn’t drinking but to be careful.. I sooo want to get my hair colored, but i’m afraid if I do I will go back to jail… If they know the difference then why can’t I just get my hair done… I do NOT drink anymore… I just want to be a girl and get my nails and hair done… Any suggestions???

  2. Joe Neighbor says:

    Hi Britton,

    Still loving your blog, thanks for sharing with us. Just thought you night want to see this news exert on it. The video is pretty good stuff.

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  4. Gaye says:

    So, I was arrested when my SCRAM showed I was tampering with it for over a day early this week. PLUS, it showed 2 spikes of alcohol in my system, as well. The gal who runs the program for the bracelets did let me go home, as she explained that actual spikes in the body do not occur on a graph. It may spike up, but it is reduced gradually on a graph. This being said, she mentioned 3 times to put a sock over it. So, I shower, then IMMEDIATELY put a sock over it. This prevents any type of alcohol in a spray, etc to get on it, PLUS it keeps it tight to the skin, which prevents a FALSE TAMPERING!! (Needless to say, I still obtained an additional day to my “time”). BS, but not going to pay the attorney so much more money to fight an extra day at home.



    • Britton_Riley says:

      Wow! That is intense! Perhaps I will start wearing a sock. Stuff like this really scares the crap out of me. I am sorry you had this negative experience and thank you so much for sharing it with me. I hope the rest of your time goes by smoothly.

  5. kimberly says:

    Hi there! I just wanted to thank you soooo very much for your blog. As a fellow scrammer I’ve been very cautious of wearing long skirts and pants in this warm weather (Im in VA) and Im almost to the point where I say screw it! Let them look! haha – I am soo happy I chose to have the Scram bracelet put on. I had two DUIs back to back at 21 then another at 27 …although it was my choice to put the Scram bracelet on I am very happy with the direction it has taken me. This third DUI really stung. It meant I officially had a problem and desperately needed AA. Through AA, sponsorship and my “scrammy” I have been sober for 5 months and counting! I definitely get the irritation on my ankle and had to switch it. No perfume (waaaaaaa!) and working in a salon doesnt help. BUT! I wouldnt change this new found “freedom” for anything. Scram has beyond helped me, AA & sponsorship has shown me I can stay this way. Although it has been 5 months I will atleast do another 2 until court. Then *fingers crossed* the courts will see I mean business!!! Good Luck to you and thank you for all your encouragement :) …I just may wear shorts tomorrow!

    • Britton_Riley says:

      CONGRATULATIONS on your 5 months of sobriety! You are an inspiration, so keep up the wonderful work! I know it can be hard. Life completely changes when you take alcohol out of your routine…especially for those of us whose lives so heavily revolved around alcohol. I am sorry to hear that it took until your 3rd DUI to make you realize that you had a problem but what a blessing! I should have had many DUI’s prior to my accident, but somehow I just never got caught. I don’t know how much of my blog you have read, but if you want to read a wonderful and inspirational book, I just finished “Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption” By William Cope Moyers. It is SO good. He relapsed FOUR times before he got clean. I highly recommend it! I applaud you for going through AA and seeking the help you clearly needed. I find it difficult for young people like us to identify ourselves as “alcoholics” because it seems that we are doing the same thing all of our friends are doing. My coworker asked if I HAD to have alcohol every single day…I said NO, I just don’t know when to stop once I start. Her reply: “well if you don’t have to have it every day, then you aren’t an alcoholic.” I don’t know what kind of drinker you were, but I truly believe that binge drinking (what I did) is definitely a form of alcoholism. I have only been sober for 2 months but I am really enjoying life with a clear head! (I know what you mean about your new found freedom!)
      Definitely wear shorts! The process of exposing Scrammy for me was gradual, but now I don’t think anything of it. The only people who ask what I have around my leg are typically the Indian gas station attendants. HA! At least they have the courage to ask!
      I hope that all goes well for you. The fact that you voluntarily went on Scram has to speak volumes to the legal peeps. Good luck to you as well and I’d love to keep up with you and your progress, so leave me a comment from time to time!
      Happy Scramming!
      ~ Britton

  6. Jen says:

    Thank you so much for this recent information! I was just put on SCRAM yesterday and have been FREAKING OUT about every little thing. I don’t think I slept much last night because I was so preoccupied with every little thing that I used on my body all day. Sometimes I think reading too much on the internet can almost be worse for you, but I am glad I continued until I found your blog! Good luck and thanks again!

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hey Jen! Welcome to the “Scram Fam” :) How long will you be wearing your Scram? I’ve been on mine for 5 months. I have 32 days left and it really hasn’t been bad at all. I have had no issues with any “tamper alerts” or alcohol alerts. I am REALLY happy you found my blog as well. Most of what you will read will scare the crap out of you. I know, because that’s what happened to me, which inspired me to document my experience on this blog. Most of the time that I have had it on, I have really been careful of any environmental exposures. I have worn rubber gloves to clean and I have read every label before I put anything on my skin. I used to call my provider when I knew I was going to go have my hair colored. Now that I’ve become more comfortable with my Scram and learned a lot from the experts who have found my blog and reached out to me to provide me with good information, I realize that it isn’t sensitive to such an absurd degree as others would lead you to believe. I have used hairspray the entire 5 months, with no issues. Be sure that you do NOT apply any product on your skin under or around Scrammy. (Soap is ok though. I use Dove bar soap and haven’t had a problem.) Be sure that you don’t get anything between your Scram and your skin. Those are really the only two major no-no’s (besides DRINKING of course) that I can tell you. Just be smart about what you expose yourself to and chances are you’ll be just fine. If you have any questions as you go along, I will be happy to try to answer from experience and if I can’t, I will do what I can to find the answer for you! Best of luck to you and I hope to hear from you again throughout your experience on Scram!

      • pascha says:

        Love the good info. I recently got my braclet and I am scared to get a false positive. I have almost eliminated all alcohol products around me just to be safe but since I am a single parent I obviously have to use cleaners to make sure the house is clean. I do wear rubber gloves though. Sucks to be stuck in the summer not being able to go swimming but I only have to wear 3 mos thankfully. Can you tell me what kind of body lotion is safe? As well as I am a pedi cure girl….so is there anyway to get toe polish off without a false read?

        • Britton_Riley says:

          Don’t be too scared. I’ve been fortunate, my time on Scram has gone very well. I have not had any tamper alerts or positive alcohol readings. I really haven’t used body lotion because I just don’t want to take any chances. My best advice to you is to read carefully the ingredients in anything you are thinking of putting on your skin and DON’T put any lotion on the skin around or under your scram. I have had several pedicures during my time on Scram and I haven’t had any issues. My understanding is that any alcohol that would be contained in the nail polish remover evaporates so quickly that it doesn’t cause any issues with your bracelet.
          Thank you for reading and best of luck to you!

  7. James says:

    I haven’t had anything to drink since my bracelet went on 2weks ago. I had an alert last night. From 7-1am. I didn’t drink anything. I was home 7-9 and then at a bar where I drank lemonade from 9-11pm. Then home to bed. I downloaded today and this alert was there after calling my monitor someone called AMS ands had tem review the data. The said it was an unconfirmed alert and wouldn’t be reported. I’m not sure if I believe tgem or not.

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Did you read the explanations that Kathleen gave? She said that sometimes you can get an alert, but that they have a way to calculate it to be able to tell if it was an actual “drinking event” or if it was just some sort of environmental exposure. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just abide by the rules and you can’t go wrong. I have not had any issues at all. I don’t believe I have had a positive reading and I’ve been wearing mine for 5 months. Be cognizant of what you expose yourself to. If you can be in a bar atmosphere and have enough will power not to indulge, then that is great! I don’t know that after 2 weeks I could put myself in that situation. I think it would just be too hard on me. Pretty sure it would have just depressed me.
      Anyway, James, good luck to you. I hope that your time goes well and that you have a fairly easy time on Scram. How long do you have to wear yours? The time goes fast. Most of the time I forget it is even there.
      Thank you for reading and keep in touch! I love hearing from my fellow Scrammers!

      • James says:

        You Rock. thanks for the info. I assumed this was just a page to gripe. Awesome that you responded. Turns out the said it was environmental. I find it odd that tge invited me to do a UA for $25 before the confirmed environmental. I peed in the cup trying to explore every avenue I could to prove my innocence. I have to wear mine for an undetermined amount of time as of now. Alcohol is something I can be with or without. I prefer with. But. I look at the trade offs. I get to see my kids and stay out of jail. That’s my motivator. My OCD kicks in when Im not given the full details. And the people that are monitoring me are anything but a wealth of info.

        • Britton_Riley says:

          Thank you!! No, this isn’t just a page to gripe. There are enough of those out there already. When I was preparing to get my Scram on, I began researching and found all of those pages where people just bitch and complain….and it scared the crap out of me! I decided that there needed to be some good, reliable information out there about Scram so that’s just what I did! I decided back in January, before I had my bracelet put on that I would share my experience over the course of my 6 months. As it turns out, if you just do what you are supposed to do, you should be just fine. I was sentenced to wear Scram for 6 months and as of today, I have 29 days left. I have honestly had no issues, except it got loud about a month ago. They were gracious enough to change it out for me in a very timely manner. Just be kind to your Scram provider. It’s not their fault that you have to wear it and they are just there to help you.
          I can understand being overcome with anxiety when you do not know what is going to happen. I hope that you get some answers very soon. Cherish the time you are able to spend with your children and try to really focus on the positives of not being “allowed” to drink…there really are positives, you just have to look for them! :) Take good care, James and thank you again for reading!

  8. jennifer says:


    I read all the posts here and for the most part they seem very positive. I am really happy for the people that did not have bad experiences witht the SCram.
    I just feel it’s important to let you know that the SCRAM does mess up. I have been clean and sober since Jan of this year (2012) and wore a tether out on bond awaiting my dui charge. The SCRAM reported a total of 3 drinking episodes that did NOT take place. Two of them were pretty lengthy episodes and I was not informed of them for a week after the alleged episodes. The third one, I was able to go out that day and get an ETG test. That still did not clear me. I ended up getting a ETG alcohol hair test, which is now available in the U.S. It saved me. The judge was ready to throw me in jail! I am an insurance agent and have two small children..this would have affected my entire family. Again, no drinking . I am active in AA and committed to my sobriety..i was sentenced ( for my third dui) to another 6 months on the tether. Scared to death!
    I still can’t figure out what could have caused the false positive drinking reports …I don’t consume foods with alcohol in it…i don’t work around alcohol..i don’t go to alcohol in house. Who knows. But , it happens:(

    Hopefully this SCRAM is better:)

    • Berenice says:

      It’s good not too many people have suffered false repercussions.Things didn’t work that well for me. I am a respectable and honest student, just trying to get my life back on track. I am positive about the whole situation, because I can’t drink anymore, and therefore, never going to drink as much as I had in the past. I know things could be a whole lot worse. I have been following all the rules and trying my very hardest. Regardless of my effort, I have been arrested twice this month for “tampering” with my bracelet. I can honestly say I have never even tried; it is not worth the risk, at all, what so ever. I missed some midterms and have been paralyzed from peace of mind. I want to give up and just do time served till this is over. I don’t deserve to be punished for something I didn’t do. I really believe that, either, my bracelet messes up, or that the court system is harassing me. My skin is cracked and looks scarred where my bracelet makes contact, yet, I feel I am just seen as a criminal. I’ve never been in trouble in my life; I don’t even have any prior driving violations on my record. I have a great work ethic and always had excellent grades in school. I don’t know what else to do. I feel hopeless. All I want is to be able to focus on school. Has this happened to anyone else?

      • Britton_Riley says:

        Berenice, I am so sorry to hear of your bad experiences with Scram. I don’t know how or why this is happening to you, but it is not the experience that I had. Try to keep your chin up. I hope things get better.
        - Britton

      • andie t says:

        I feel for you. Iv gone 18 months yea with no problem then one month before I get the scram off I get a violation saying I drank a few times this is after I got a couple envierment readings the spikes are .03 and lower never drank a thing so now I have to get a lawyer and try to fit this but the judge I have to deal with is a you know what. the days they said I drank though I do have witnesses. well good luck with you im glad I am not alone.

        • Tamera says:

          I was just informed my scram went off twice I was sober for14yrs well I messed up I have11months sober&the scram checks don’t believe me I even went as2bring in beauty products&mentioned other things that may have gone off my fiance is a p.o.&has been on vacation the time I’ve gotten it on my kid is a o.I. too I’m goung2alcohol Counceling they also believe me I’m so upset BC this means violating my probation&maybe more jail time I`m@my Witt’s end I wouldn’t give up11months for any1 I’m freaking out BC they are false readings all I see r dollar signs4this scram co. Do u think I need a bttr attrny my public defender doesn’t seem to b liking or doing her job right

  9. Audrey says:

    Hi Britton! So happy to find this blog. I was just put on SCRAM this afternoon, and as most people, I am freaking out about products with ingredients that contain some sort of alcohol. Can you tell me if you’ve had any problems or know if basic products like fash wash, shampoo and even my Maybelline makeup foundation can set it off? Almost all my products, even ones labeled “alcohol-free” list glycerin as an ingredient. Glycerin is on the list of ingredients containing alcohol that was given to me. I’m worried that if I even try and wash my face tonight I’ll get a positive reading. Any insight as to the sensitivity of this device would really be appreciated! Thank you!

    • pascha says:

      I have a list of products given to me from my scram provider that are ok to use if anyone would like.

      • Jude says:

        I would much appreciate if you could give a list of products that are safe. This is for my daughter, who is out shopping as I speak to find a face makeup that is alcohol free. And if there is such a beast as alcohol free hair spray. This is a real “trip” for her, and not in a nice way. Not only that she does house cleaning and is afraid to even go to her jobs because of all the cleaners involved. Even Windex has alcohol :(


        • Britton_Riley says:

          This is a scary time for both your daughter and yourself. I know, it wasn’t that long ago that I was getting my Scram bracelet put on and experiencing some of the same feelings as you have expressed. I have used aerosol hair spray the entire time I’ve been wearing the bracelet and I have not had a problem, not once. The council that I received on this was to be sure the bracelet is covered, just so that none of the spray gets around the bracelet. As long as she has long pants over it, she should be just fine. I couldn’t have survived 6 months with no hair spray!
          As for house cleaning, I have always worn latex gloves any time I’ve used any cleaning products such as windex, pledge, scrubbing bubbles, and Mr. Clean.
          I wear makeup too and I have used Bare Minerals. This product has not given me any adverse readings. I have been using Aveda shampoos and conditioners and again, no issues. I bathe with Dove bar soap and it’s been wonderful. No issues of any kind.
          I know it is scary at first and she probably feels like she wants to live in a bubble, but I have lived a reasonably normal life over the past 6 months with my bracelet on and I have had a very pleasant experience.
          I hope that Pascha will post the list, as I think it will be very helpful for everyone. If there is anything I can do or advice I can give from personal experience, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you so much for reading and best of luck to your daughter. She will be just fine, I promise :)

        • pascha says:

          Sorry for the delay….here goes…Women’s products:
          -nexxus, dove, garnier and L’Oréal
          *body lotion
          -dove ProAge night lotion,Johnson’s creamy moisture oil, equate total moisture, vaseline cocoa butter, keri original
          *face wash
          -play hydrate & cleanse

          • pascha says:

            Face wash cont
            -olay hydrate & cleanse,ambi cocoa butter,neutrogena deep clean cleanser,aveeno daily scrub
            -mitchum, secret platinum clear gel, secret powder fresh, secret unscented,degree
            *body wash
            -caress cashmere luxury, caress tahitian renewal, dove clean & soft, dove clean & refresh, dial, olay
            -nexxus humectrius, infusium 23
            *shaving cream
            -skintamate, satin care, aveeno
            *face lotion-L’Oréal future E moistu

  10. Brandi says:

    Hey! I just got my scram put on today and am freaking out a little. I have a few questions if you know the answers I would be sooo grateful!

    1.can i use nail polish and remover?
    2.Is the alcohol in regular conditioner really enough to do anything..have you tried only products that are 100 percent alcohol free?
    3. If i put gloves on when i bathe my dogs should that be okay if their shampoo has alcohol?

    Your blog has been super helpful!

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hi Brandi! Welcome to the Scram world! (It’s really not THAT bad!) You should have no problem with nail polish remover. I have had manicures and pedicures throughout my time on Scram and I have had no issues. The way I understand it is that it evaporates so quickly, it will not effect your readings.
      At first, if anything had any trace of alcohol in it, I didn’t use it. I have since loosened up and the conditioner I use (Bumble and Bumble) does contain alcohol. I have not had any issues with that either.
      I would think that you should be fine with your dog shampoo as well. If you are concerned, wear gloves. I was told that I didn’t have to wear gloves when I clean, but I have anyway.
      I am glad you have found my info to be helpful! I am glad you found me! Thank you for writing!!

  11. Brandi says:

    Thanks! The thing I will miss the most is my ST. Tropez tanning mouse :( *pouts* I did find a loreal sublime spray with no alcohol. I still saran wrapped my leg before spraying down.. I HOPE it does not affect the readings b/c whew this stuff smells! I switched to all my alcohol free products today but I went ahead and used my aveeno conditioner which lists alcoho but i only applied it to the ends of my hair and rinsed thoroughly keeping my legs far away. I am scared!!! Didi you have awful dreams at first? Like I keep dreaming that im drinking wine and just waiting for the cops to come get me :/

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Oh my goodness, I am SO glad you mentioned the dreams! I have had drinking dreams a lot! Especially early in my “relationship” with Scram!! I am so happy you can relate! It is so strange how the things that happen in our lives show up in our dreams! I wonder what Sigmund Freud would make of our drinking dreams…hmmmm :)

  12. Brandi says:

    The dreams are less frequent now. I am on day 6 with scram and its much easier than I thought it would be. So the Loreal sublime tanning mist is okay..thank goodness cause I am so pale otherwise that I am see through! I accidentally used hairspray yesterday and mildly freaking about that but not too concerned. Ive yet to show this thing and im so sad because I bought so many lovely summer dresses :( Do you get a lot of attention when wearing it? I’ve read some of your instances but just wondering if you encounter a ton of stares? I am a stripper and have been covering it with those big furry boot covers and someone asked me if I was undecover cop b/c he grazed my calf down and felt that I was “packing heat”..i got a giggle out of that one.

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hi Brandi! I don’t have the dreams that often anymore either, thank goodness! Yes, life with Scram isn’t nearly as difficult as I expected too! I am glad that the tanning mist you are using isn’t bothering your Scram. Just be super careful. Back when I got mine on, I asked about tanning and they said absolutely no spray tanning, but that I could lay in a tanning bed.
      I do get a lot of looks when I go out with my leg exposed, but you get used to it. No one ever asks what it is, they just stare. If any of your summer dresses are long, it shouldn’t be as noticeable.
      Hang in there!

      • Lisa says:

        Hey, my scram lady told me I couldn’t tan in a tanning bed due to the “chemicals used, and the raising of my blood temperature, blah blah”…. and definitely no spray tanning (which I understand because all the products are alcohol based).. but she said I can tan outside…and “I’m just gonna have to sweat it out”… my question is this.. CAN I TAN IN THE TANNING BED?!.. if so, should I bring my own alcohol free solution to clean the beds with?… did you leave your leg out of the booth? Did you cover it?.. did you use an alcohol free lotion? I just got mine a week ago and it’s summertime, and I’m as pale as snow… I’m adjusting well to everything except that I’ll be missing out on all the pool time and beach time with friends and family.. but to be pale too, is just depressing. Help!! :(

    • Cassie Adams says:

      I know this i an old post but i was curious if you contined to use that sunless tanner without any problems

  13. Emily says:

    Really like your blog about the scrammy story of yours! Congratulation, u should be off by now right!? Well I just got my scrammy yesterday at the San Francisco branch! The workers there wasn’t experience enough to tell me anything and help me! They just told me I must start doing everything with soap and nothing elses! Just wondering could I uses product like proactiv and other facial cream to your experience? Could I do my regular stuff (ex: conditioner, lotion, face wash) with the scrammy on and just avoid all the high alcohol products (ex: perfume, hairspray and etc)! I was also told they do on site or home check right? How does that work (Police or their staff)? I was really worry, but after reading your blog I feel much better! Gonna be a long four month for me! :( but I’m really happy for you! :) Thanks for the share!

  14. Alisha says:

    Hello! I just wanted to tell you that this Great that you came up with this idea. I was reading through all of the comments & i think they are all really good questions & answeres! I think its a HUGE relief! anyway…… :) i have been on the scram now for about 7 mo & going to be on it for about 3 more yrs i think? so plz Believe me when i say this is great that you set this up. I hope that you continue this for others that may have to wear the scram b too. :) I also wanted to share about the dreams too, i would have a dream that i just took a drink of alcohol w/o even thinking,( like a zombie) then i realized i was wearing the scram!i was like what am i gonna do? :/ omgsh it was so real, then i woke up and was so glad it was just a dream. lol Im actually greatful for the scram, its way better than being in jail or prison, im also glad i have another chance to be sobar! I also get a lot of pple looking at me when i leave my house, :D i just Smile & wave! lol. i think that you just have to stay pos. otherwise it’ll be harder for you have it on for however long you have to have it on. :) just felt like sharing! THANKS FOR READING MY SCRAM STORY LOL :p

    • Angela says:

      You are going to wear the bracelet for years? I just put mine on today…voluntarily. I have court in 2 weeks. If you don’t mind my asking, why did you get sentenced to wear it for so long? I have multiple DUIs so am just curious. Thank everyone for posting and answering all these questions…been going a lil crazy all day : /

      • ashley says:

        Why did you vhoose to put the bracelet on if you don’t mind me asking? I am on the bracelet and am bieng convicted of my 2nd dui. 3 total but 2nd conviction and I will be released of my bracelet beforew my sentencing so I to thought about putting it on myself.

  15. Cristine Meredith says:

    Emily, I / we know how ya feel.. Some staff know and say one thing others say… Just use soap. That’s it…end of there job, time,etc,..This Blog is a life safer as we can really go nuts…I even called and talked with the manufacture A.M.S….got a nice guy talked me though somethings..till he figured out I was wearing one…I told him I’m not trying to cheat just trying to do the Right thing.(might say CTR). We still live in a home and need to clean it and live.. Look for the list on one of these post of the Good Stuff we can use That really will help. No lysol or ferbreez crazy how many thing have alcohol in the first three things! Oh so glad that not me Good luck to you and all out there trying… Thank You To Scram Diaries !!

  16. Jay Oslo says:

    Britton, I got hooked up today at the same place you did, and I also have Gabrielle as my contact. Glad to hear about your 6 months of compliance. It makes it a little less scary for the rest of us. I also had the thought of Beadazzling mine. Was Pre-Trail receptive to this? I was worried they would try to charge me for “damaging” the unit :)

    • Britton_Riley says:

      OMGoodness! That is SO cool that you got yours put on at the same place I did! So did you get to meet “Pecharelyse”?? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to read the post, it’s called Sheriff’s Office Pecharelyse…. especially since you are at the same pre-trial office as me! I would love to hear your thoughts!
      Be kind to my Gabriele! She is awesome and so very helpful. Her sidekick John isn’t to shabby either.
      As for bedazzling, I was just told not to do anything that would damage the Scram bracelet, so any time I tried to bling it out I always used Scotch double sided adhesive squares. The package says they are reusable and that they do not leave a residue. They are right. Those things work great. I would just stick the jewels or sticker to the adhesive square and stick the square to the base of the Scram. You can find these at Walmart.
      Keep in touch throughout your journey, I’d love to hear how you are doing! Thank you for reading and I hope you find some useful information :)

      • Jay Oslo says:

        I’m definitely going to have to jazz it up a bit. The best thing I can say about it is it comes in black. Otherwise, it’s completely uncomfortable, digs into my ankle bone, and has a weird burning sensation every so often. **buzzzz**

        I knew what you meant by “pecharelyse” as soon as I said it phonetically :-D It seems it will be easy to be in the more responsible/upstanding tier of their typical client base.

        Did you have any problem using deodorant that had alcohol listed as an ingredient? I saw one of your posts and it got me looking. Sure enough, Degree that I’ve used for 15 years has it in it (what doesn’t?).

  17. Shel says:

    The woman who put my scram on told me I couldn’t use nail polish remover. I got a call this am that a tamper alert showed from 3pm yesterday until 5am this morning. I was at two AA meetings yesterday and came home and went to bed. Why would a possible tamper alert come up for that period of time?

    • Britton_Riley says:

      I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time! I don’t know what could have caused a tamper alert if you weren’t tampering with it. I had my bracelet on for a total of 180 days with absolutely no issues, so I really don’t know what could have caused that. I am not sure why they told you no nail polish remover. I got lots of pedicures while on Scram and like I said, I had no issues. I hope things get better for you. Best of luck and thank you for reading and sharing your experience!

  18. Robert says:

    I got my scram on today. I threw out all the stuff in the house that listed alcohol in the ingredients. I washed my hands with Joy dish soap (no ingredients listed)and they felt cool after. The same cool as rubbing alcohol. Looked on-line and sure enough, SD-alcohol 40. I called the lady who put on the device and left a message. I’m afraid I’m going to scram positive. After reading your posts, I feel I may have a chance. I hope. Thanks

  19. Mae says:

    Hi! I’m on my fourth day of SCRAMx. They installed it facing to the left on my right foot. This was so so so uncomfortable after two days on my feet waiting tables. I turned it to the left and it’s a lot more comfy..but my hindsight is telling me maybe this wasn’t the best idea…did I violate or tamper it? I can’t find info anywhere about this being a violation but I’m still pretty worried. Any idea? Just paranoia?

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hi Mae! (I LOVE that name! It is my mother’s middle name too!) No, no worries at all. I used to spin mine around all the time. Whenever the skin under the big box part would get irritated or itchy, I would just spin it around so I could scratch or just give that skin a break. I would spin it all around when I was in the shower to get the skin thoroughly cleaned. I would also spin it around, according to what side I was sleeping on and what was most comfortable. No worries! You should be just fine :) I am so happy you found my blog and I hope you find some valuable information! Good luck with your Scram and please come back and let me know how you are doing! I love keeping up with my scrammers :)

  20. gilbert says:

    can you drink non alcoholic beer while on the scram program im getting mixed answers from everyone thank you

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hi Gilbert! I don’t know about that one. I almost had one while I was on Scram, but chose not to when I found out that there is trace amounts of alcohol in non alcoholic beer and I just didn’t want to take any chances. I probably wouldn’t because I honestly don’t know if or how it would effect your readings. Thanks for reading!!

    • amy says:

      i have been on mine for just over a month. have been drinking non-alcoholic beer the entire time, with no problem.

  21. Moira says:

    Thank God I found your blog. Your stories are an inspiration and actually give me hope for recovery. I’ve had my Scram for 24 hours now and am terrified by the information I found after my court officer told me to “just google it” when I asked about what cosmetics, hygiene products, and cleaning products to avoid. Of course I’ve boxed up everything containing alcohol and ethanol, but now I’m noticing “butylene”, “propylene” and “hydroxl” in all my zit zappers, “methylene” in my breath fresheners, and “dimethyl” and fragrance in my makeups, even Neutrogena and Physician’s Formula brands. Do I have to just be ugly until this thing comes off? Also, I found that Era detergent contains 1-5% Ethanol, which we use for everything and I’ve already worn socks and slept on sheets washed in it. Sorry if questions like these have already been answer, but this lady who put my Scram on was NOT messing around and scared the crap out of me about household products and cosmetics. I’ve also noticed a lot of people use Dove soap, whereas I chose Ivory. Any advice on any of these questions would be greatly appreciated. Not drinking is the esaiest thing I’m going to be doing from here on out compared to looking cute, cleaning my house, and bathing my kids. Thanks!

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hi Moira! Don’t let the things you read freak you out too badly. That is why I wrote this blog :) There is nothing to be afraid of. You can actually live your life pretty normally. I used Dove soap, but I would think that Ivory should be fine too. I didn’t even look at the ingredients in my laundry detergent. I always used Tide and I still have no idea if it contains any of those things you listed. I got manicures and pedicures with my scram on and I even used tons of hair spray. Toward the end, I even used a little perfume. Just don’t drink and try to protect yourself as much as possible to the obvious products that will throw your readings off, but don’t drive yourself crazy with worrying over the butylene, propylene, and hydroxls. Wear gloves when you clean, but don’t worry about bathing your children. You should be just fine. Keep reading my posts and you will learn lots. :) Thank you for reading and thank you for your questions! I hope I have helped you and please come back, I’d love to know how you are doing!

  22. Dan says:

    i am getting the scram on tomorrow can i enjoy a few beers today and tonight before i have it instlled?

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hi Dan!
      Personally, I probably wouldn’t drink more than a beer or two the day before you get your scram on. I quit a week before, just so I knew it was completely out of my system. I don’t expect that most people will do that, but definitely don’t go on a binge that close to your installation. If you do decide to have a last hoorah, I would definitely tell the person who installs it tomorrow, so that they can be aware that you may have a reading right off the bat. Good luck with your Scram! Come back if you have more questions!

  23. Jenette says:

    Britton, I must say, you are absolutely delightful! I found your blog last night after trying desperately to find some accurate information on SCRAM. I got mine yesterday and have to keep her for 60 days. Unlike most, I have to into the office twice a week to download with SCRAM Daddy. He will then review any infractions or whatever they are called. My Scramster was exceptionally painful yesterday and last night as it seemed to rest directly on my ankle bone. I twisted, turned, pleaded and begged with her but to no avail…hence 4 hours of sleep last night partly because I stayed up until way past my bedtime reading your entire blog so I didn’t miss anything start to finish.

    You see, I in no way planned ahead for my relationship with the Scramster. I went to court with a plea agreement of a cap of 6 months jail. All other terms left up to the judge, aside from the statutory mandatory sentencing things such as 10 days in jail, minimum of 48 hours community service (I completed 120 prior to sentencing just in case), 110 hours of treatment and 2 years probation. My judge gave me a long lecture, passed me a death certificate of someone who died from alcohol abuse that had previously been in his courtroom. He then proceeded to tell me that he was sentencing me to 10 days jail followed by 60 days of SCRAM upon release, 2 years probation, 120 hours of community service and fines, yada, yada, yada. My jail sentence was to commence immediately. That fine 10 days is a story in and of itself.

    The court paperwork my husband got in the mail while incarcerated did not mention the SCRAM word so I thought potentially I misheard. I was released from jail on a Saturday so I could not call probation until Monday. My PO could not see me for two weeks. So, I showed up to see her promptly 30 minutes prior to my appointment time and she did her interview thing at the end of which she informed me I was too low risk for state probation. My inner partygirl was doing the party dance singing in my head “I got the moves like Jagger”. Whoohoo. So, I said, “Well, what exactly does that mean?” She informed me she would be transferring me to Intervention and that the fines and fees I paid downstairs before my appointment were $1200 off as I had paid for 2 years of state probation supervision. Really? Then my inner partygirl began to grouse. I marched back downstairs to the clerk who was able to retrieve my check and I proudly wrote them out one for $1200 less.

    Then, I trod across the street to “Intervention”. They assigned me a case manager named Therese who called me into her office and told me she could meet with me in four yep four weeks. Again with the “I got the moves like Jagger” that would mean six weeks was up so maybe the whole SCRAM thing would go away, disappear after all, I would have been out of jail for almost the 60 days of SCRAM required by the court. So, I call my hubby to come pick me up. He informs me he is on his way to pick our daughter up from school. Rats, but not to be foiled, I told him I would start walking and he could call me when he was on his way and we could meet at whatever destination I made it to, perfect. I start my stroll down mainstreet and stop in at our favorite jewelry store and have them clean my watch and ring. Now what? It is kind of hot so I think “just down the block is a nice shoe store at which I have a nice juicy $150 credit waiting for me”….mmmmhhhhmm, I got the moves like Jagger. I phone hubby to pick me up there. Just as I finished up my purchase my hubby and daughter arrive. Perfect!

    Two days before my appointment, the dreams start where Intervention lady is chasing me down with the SCRAM monitor. So, yesterday I again show up my usual 30 minutes early only to discover that Intervention is closed from 12-1 daily. So, I get to hang out in front of Intervention for 30 minutes. The inner partygirl is pouting. I get in to see Therese who goes through the same exact things as State Probation lady did. She can’t find my file and partygirl begins tapping her toes. Finally she is typing on her computer and says, “Did State Probation lady set you up on your SCRAM yet?” Partygirl literally ducks her head under a sheet not to be heard from again for the rest of the day. “We have the technology here to get that done, I will see if SCRAM Daddy can meet with you”, she tells me. Well, actually she tells me his name but I don’t remember as I am sort of like a rabbit that has been cornered and all time and reason ceases.

    I meet with SCRAM Daddy who starts to tell me all about the Scramster which I am not really hearing as I am still doing the rabbit imitation. I want the bottom line, when is this sucker coming home with me as I have now wasted 6 weeks, I could be getting it off in two. He proceeds with looking at his calendar. What is it with these people? Aren’t I supposed to be being supervised by them? He has now turned his calendar to mid October. I am about to tip right off the chair dead as I think of Christmas…good grief! He says, “Well how about today?” I say, “Let’s Get ‘er dun” He says, “well it’s $110 can you do that today? I almost scream “YES”. I pull out the old checkeroooni and he frowns saying we don’t take checks….hrmph.

    I phone hubby. I need $110 cash over here right away. I am sitting in the lobby at this point as SCRAM Daddy has another appointment. I am sure hubby thinks I have lost my mind or done something else to cause trouble (or inner partygirl is out playing again). Once again he is picking up our daughter from school but says he will be there as soon as he can. He brings me the cash and I go out to meet him and let him know that Scramster is coming home with us. My daughter wants to come in. ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    SCRAM Daddy hooks me up and the rabbit is back. He hands me a bunch of paperwork tells me that if I screw with the Scramster he will know, he will know if I drink, he will even know the brand and quantity I drank. I tell him, “Look if I can’t go sixty days without a drink I have bigger problems than this monitor”. He looks up at me and frowns and I am sure I can read his mind, he is thinking “ya, right lady by our appointment Monday, you will have so many violations, I will be able to set your fanny back in jail”. All I know is this is not good. Partygirl peeps her useless head out from under the sheet and suggests I get home to check the internet “you know they can’t post anything that is not true on the internet”.

    Hubby and daughter have patiently waited in the car for me and can’t wait for me to show them my new pet. Are they absolutely nuts? Then they announce we are going to Dairy Queen. Don’t they know the internet is becoming me? Can ice cream be metabolized into alcohol? OMG, I need my internet. Finally we get home, my ankle throbbing with every step and my computer is waiting for me. Then I begin the searching and much to my chagrin, I find nothing but horror stories. Partygirl is back under the sheet hiding. Finally, I find your blog and have to read the entire thing before I sleep.

    Sorry for the long story but aside from my husband and daughter, the rest of my friends and family do not know about this so it feels good to let it all out. Thanks for the informative funny chronicle.

    • Jenette says:

      Well, I went to see SCRAM Daddy today, he sure hasn’t lightened up at all. Anyway, I had no issues, about 3 minutes to download and for him to jot down some notes in his file and I was done so evidently, the oil is fine and the purfume sprayed on my shirt before wearing did not cause issues. I thought I would let any other scrammers out there know.

      • Britton_Riley says:

        You are a SUPER SCRAMMER!!! Thank you so much for the update and for sharing your story! I loved every second of it! I love that you call him Scram Daddy! Hey, you’ve got to have fun with it or you’ll go crazy right? I am so happy you found the site and I am thrilled that you’ve left me comments! Please keep them coming! I want to keep up with how you are doing!!

  24. Scrammin' Steve says:

    got room for one more in here?? :)
    hello all! i’ve had my scram on for about 12 hours now and im HATING IT!! i just havent gotten used to lugging it around yet, and it’s digging into my leg…… but after a couple days im sure ill be fine. anyways, i had all the same questions as everyone else. just wanted to say thanks for firing up this blog and getting some real life info out there for us newbies!

    • Britton_Riley says:

      There’s always room for one more!! It will get better, I promise. You will get to the point where you hardly notice you have it on. Hopefully it will loosen up so that it doesn’t feel like it’s digging in. I hope you can gain some good info from my experiences, as well as the others who have shared on here. Thank you so much for reading and I hope it gets easier soon!

  25. Brad says:

    See its mostly women in here so hope you dont mind! I got my scram put on today before I had to go to work.. It was either the scram or 6mon in jail for me. Easy decision, Thing is I got to work and realized one thing. I’m and server and I serve beers, margaritas, mixed drinks, all of the above and from time to time wether pouring a margarita or bring a beer to a tbl I get alchol on my hands. Is this something I just be very worried about or will it not show up as comsumption? I have emailed my PO to get in contact w/ her and let her know about this. Any help would be awesome

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hi Brad! I can only tell you my own experience on this one. When I first got my Scram on and I was setting up the nightly “dump” schedule with the Scram people, they actually asked me what type of work I do for a living. They said they ask in case I had a job where I would be exposed to alcohol or anything containing alcohol. Did they ask you these questions? Definitely be sure to tell them what you do for a living so that they will have a heads up. Other than that, is everything else going okay with your scram? Are you getting used to lugging it around? Thank you for reading and I hope I’ve helped!

    • nick says:

      this is a great site. just got my scram yesterday. i was cleaning my basement today and found a open flask that was almost empty and spilled it on my hands while sticking it deep in my can recycling bag. how did the hand and alcohol at work thing work out for you?

  26. Gina says:

    Hi I just got my SCRAM tether installed today. The skin around and under my tether was really dry so I put lotion on it not thinking whether it had alcohol or not. Later I realized I should probably check and it listed some type of alcohol. I tried to rub it off and wash off the lotion. Do you think it will be a problem that I initially put lotion in that area or not?

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Gina, I have been told NOT to put anything under the bracelet (other than soap when you wash). Hopefully you caught it quickly enough that it won’t alter your readings. My advice is to let your Scram provider know exactly what you did. It is best to be 100% upfront and honest with them. All you can do is be super cautious with everything you expose yourself to and if you think you may have been exposed to something that would effect your readings, let them know as soon as possible. I was told that they have a way to tell if it is actually alcohol consumption, or if it is something in the environment. Hopefully that is true and you will have as pleasant an experience as I did! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your concerns! Best of luck to you!

  27. Scrammin' Steve says:

    Thanks to ya for the warm welcome Britton!! and welcome Brad. You are right Brad there is a TON of estrogen in here :)
    Anyways, quick question. I dont know if I am shaped funny or what the deal is here…… but i have decent sized calf muscles and skinny ankles. My scram sits in one of 2 positions. I can either force it up my calf a little ways and it will just kinda stay stuck there until i do some extensive walking/running/bouncing around on the lawn mower…. and then it will fall down my leg about 4 inches and land on my ankle. when it sits on my ankle is when it digs hard-core into my ankle bone. BUT…. when it is sitting on my ankle bone the large box (im assuming this is the box with the sensor in it) frequently loses contact with my skin.
    I am not on any kind of probation or parole, but all this is being monitored by theadult probation “head honcho” guy and he is not the friendly type at all. Actually he is just the opposite of friendly. I have only spoken with head honcho guy 2 times and both times i tried to make “small talk” only to have him berate me and tell me things like “I don’t know what gave you the impression we are friends” and “you just need to be a big boy about this” and things of the sort. i DO NOT want to violate my SCRAM rules and regulations in any way. I chose 9 weeks of SCRAM over 17 days in the county jail and I’m thinking that head honcho guy would love nothing more than to see me behind bars.
    Finally, i get around to my question :) Does anyone have any idea how long my SCRAM sensor can be without contact to my skin before it starts reading funny things out the other end? I’m just afraid that at the first sign of anything but “perfection” I’m going to find myself back in the county jail.

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Scrammin’ Steve:
      I know just what you are talking about when it comes to the bracelet (especially the box part) sitting right on your ankle bone and it does NOT feel good. Sounds like your Scram monitor needs an attitude adjustment and a swift kick in the pants! He sounds like a complete douche for no reason. I don’t know how long before you’ll start registering as “tampering” if the device is not in constant contact with your skin. I often wondered the same thing. I always tried to keep mine pushed up on the bigger part of my calf because it was more comfortable, but sometimes I just couldn’t help it. It would fall to my ankle. I wish I had a better answer besides “I feel your pain”. I definitely think mine stretched out some, so hopefully it will get easier for you to jack it up on your calf. Keep me posted on how it goes and tell that Scram guy to loosen up and be nice!

      PS – I know it is pretty female-heavy here, but that’s not by design. I think it may be a combination of a couple of things things: women seem to do more research on Scram than men do (probably because of all of the beauty products we can’t use while on Scram), thus they have been more vocal about the do’s and don’ts…..BUT I am really happy to be mixing it up with the testosterone that’s wandered in!

      Thank you so much for reading and THANK YOU for your questions and concerns!!

  28. Sydney says:

    I am so glad I found this supportive site, since SCRAM has made me feel like I am wearing a Scarlet Letter of modern day society! I have had the SCRAM on for 2 weeks now for a disorderly intoxication misdemeanor- despite my clean record- ugh! The length of time I will be spending with SCRAM is indefinite, pending on what the judge decides (crossing fingers).
    Do you have any idea what the shortest duration of time someone may be monitored? Wishful thinking always helps:)
    Also- I think this may have been addressed before buuuuut are mystic tans off limits, and if so, why? I worked at a tanning salon and DHA- the ingredient that makes you tan- is sugar based. I do not want to risk an alert though!
    Can anybody help? ??

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Welcome to the Scrammers club! I hope you have a pleasant experience and that it doesn’t last TOO terribly long. I have no idea what the shortest amount of time to be monitored would or could be. I brought up the possibility of spray tanning in one of my posts and the expert from Scram, who had been reading my blog, strongly advised against spray tans. Sorry to break the news to ya! Best of luck and I hope you have found some great information on here and thank you for reading!

  29. jerry says:

    Just got my scramx today and have questions…will deoderant set it off, will cleaners such as spicnspan that I get on my hands set it off and most important to me will a medication spray I use to treat allergies in my dogs set it off! The deoderant says it contains stearyl alcohol and my pets medication says isopropyl alcohol.

  30. jerry says:

    One more far away from the base unit can I be…I need to take me dogs out side when nature calls?

  31. Zack says:

    Hey, new on scram. Was wodering if cetyl alcohol is a no no. Just about every cosmetic product contains it.

  32. Tommy says:

    I was wondering if you might have, or know someone that has any information on the “Sentinel” brand alcohol bracelet? I actually have to carry a cell phone around with me at all times. My probation officer basically told me that mouthwash, cold medications, even shampoo would make it read positive. She said that she set it at the lowest level possible. I am scared to death to even go outside basically. Any information would be highly appreciated!! Thanks!

    • Britton_Riley says:

      I am sorry, I have never heard of the Sentinel brand alcohol bracelet. I didn’t know Scram had competition. If you do happen to find someone who knows about it, please keep me posted. Best of luck in your search! Thank you for reading!

  33. Sarah says:

    Hola, I got my scram bracelet yesterday and I already have bruises :( I have a lot of questions regarding products that can and can’t be used but unfortunately the lady I dealt with was not very kind. She told me that I am allowed to use shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, and bar soap. She was pretty general about it. But I came home and looked up the ingredients to numerous types of deodorants and shampoos contain alcohol. I’m very nervous that I am going to set off the monitoring system. I wish that the lady who put it on was nicer so I could ask her all of my questions. So I’m hoping you guys can help :)

    • Layne says:

      Hey there just contact recovery healthcare corp in Dallas and they can give you a list…I don;t have the number right in front of me…yeah I already tested positive for something and did not drink.

  34. Sarah says:

    Also, if I do violate the rules somehow, when will I find out? For example: I accidentally use a soap with alcohol. Would I be notified right away or would it take a couple of days?

  35. Pat says:

    Hi, I’m having a SCRAMX put on Tuesday at 1:30 and I drank alot into the early morning hours of Saturday. Will the Scramx detect that I had been drinking?

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hi Pat! I would think that by Tuesday afternoon, you should be fine. Good luck and let me know how it goes! THANK you for reading!
      - Britton

  36. Emi says: I’ve had my Scram Bracelet on since August. So almost 5 months now :( I guess I like it, it’s easy because I wasn’t a big drinker in the first place. It’s just annoying when it comes to wearing shoes and cute clothes. Luckily I didn’t have during most of the Summer so I didn’t have to worry about shorts and stuff. Oh and I don’t like having to pay for

    In my area this isn’t as popular. I only know one other girl that has it, and she got it before me. But no one else in this area. I think they just started using it as punishment at our Courthouse. So I had a couple questions!!

    I really would like to go out of the country December 29th to Honduras for an 8-Day Service Trip. I had court today and my lawyer is trying to ask if they could remove it and then put it back on when I return, but I don’t know if they will approve. We have another court date on December 27th so I’m hoping that it will go in my favor so I can go swimming!

    If I got permission from the judge to go, but couldn’t get the bracelet removed could I go there and bring my modem and connect it to a phone jack there?? I only have to update it 3 times a week so I am really hoping I could just bring my modem with me and connect it to the phone jack at the hotel every time I need to update it to send the results. Do you think this would work? If that wouldn’t work I also have this usb cord I could connect to my laptop which is a phone jack so maybe that would work as well…please let me know if you know anything about traveling and such.

    Another issue is the airport security, if i bring my paperwork with the SCRAM information would they let me past security? I don’t want them going crazy and thinking I have a bomb on my ankle lol.

  37. Julie says:

    Hi, I am so glad I found your blog and I just had a question for you. I got my scram bracelet put on today. I I am in a court ordered accupuncture class and before we get poked with the needles we clean our ears with alcohol swabs and with out even I thinking about it I grabbed a swab and cleaned my ears. I was just wondering if this could end up as a violation on my scram bracelet? Thank You

  38. Layne says:

    Hey Guys…just had my little friend put on yesterday….what shampoo can I use…can I color my hair…I have to go to court on Thursday and I am all gray. I am really confused and the Recovery Health folks were not much help.

  39. Alight says:

    Stumbled on this site as i was looking for how to dispute a reading on scram. So please all i want to know is how can i dispute the scram result, because i can swear to heaven and pray for the world to come to an end today if possible.
    I was told i had a tamper, and alchohol registered when i HAD NEVER drank any alcohol plus the time was when i was actually sleeping How on earth could this result be true. So How can one dispute the result.

  40. Richard says:

    So i’m being made to wear one of these until my court date, in 4 months, for a first offense dui which i have yet to be convicted of. Pretty ridiculous.
    My question is this: If i’m traveling and i have the modem downloader, they are telling me i have to go into a hotel and use a dedicated fax line to download the scram data.. Really?? Has anyone found a better way to do this, or a better location? Any stories from the road? Thanks

    • JAMES FRANCO says:

      I had to pay extra for the multi connect unit. it goes off of wifi instead of the phone jack. its $42 more a month but worth it

  41. FreshOuttaASubStandardCountyJail or F.O.S.S.C.J. says:

    FOSSCJ here.

    Well it’s my first day on the ol’ Scramster. I’m already paranoid. It’s a combo house arrest and alcohol monitor. They told me I wasn’t going to be on house arrest, but they changed the game again on me for absolutely no reason.

    I haven’t used my conditioner and my hair is getting really tangled up. Cetyl alcohol in the conditioner. I used a Dial bodywash after I read all the ingredients and didn’t find alcohol. Hopefully it’s not under some other chemical name.

    Another odd thing. It just started buzzing after my shower at around 2 A.M. but didn’t buzz all day before that (got it strapped in around noon. Really hope it’s not some sort of tamper thing.

    The thing that’s freaking me out is that it’s really LOOSE and slides all the way down to the lower part of my ankle where it’s skinnier and the top of my foot unless I’m wearing socks over it. Is this going to create tamper or other false fails since the box isn’t really contacting any part of my skin other than a really small portion of ankle bone? Or I guess I just have to get used to wearing socks all the time?

    I’m going to put a call in tomorrow to ScramGuy and ask some of this stuff too but just thought I’d share my first day jitters.

    Damn this thing is buzzing quite frequently now (every 10-20 minutes). I don’t want to go back to jail when I’ve been sober now 14 months (without the bracelet even monitoring me). That jail was hell even for jail standards.

  42. Adrienne says:

    Hello fellow Scrammers,

    Isn’t this cool having this blog out there? I’m so glad to find it and loved reading what everyone had to write. Well, I screwed up the first time. I had it on for 6 weeks successfully, but I was still bitter at my ex husband for having to wear it and my birthday was coming up. I stuck a sock in it and drank that day and got caught right away for tampering. After that I drank again and finally got it removed because it’s stupid to spend money on SCRAM and then spend money on alcohol to drink – duh. I have the SCRAM voluntarily so I can have my two year son back. It’s been a crazy nightmare, but in the end, I went and put it back on and didn’t have to pay again the re-initiation fees at least. It’s been almost a month now and I get him back part time on the 14th of December before Christmas. It has been really sad and lonely, but AA support is helping a lot and i think this time I really have learned that I am full fledged alcoholic and just can’t touch that stuff. One is too much and 100 never enough! UGH! Good luck everyone! At least it’s not summertime and we can cover this thing up! ;-)

  43. Bo says:

    I got my SCRAM yesterday. It is so painful around my ankle bone, I can barely walk. I didn’t sleep at all last night. (It is a 4 hour drive to the office and I was hoping to go back only when it is time for removal). I am tempted to put some cotton balls or band-aids under the battery unit…which causes the most pain, but I wonder if this would cause a tamper alert.
    Also, I had a panic attack last night worrying if my nail polish and remover might trigger an aler. I was told to avoid hand sanitizer, mouthwash, perfume, but what about nail products?

    • Britton_Riley says:

      I am so sorry to hear that you are having such discomfort! Whatever you do, do NOT put anything between your skin and the device. You are sure to register a tamper alert if you do. Nail products should not bother it. I speak from experience on this one. I got manicures and pedicures frequently when I was on Scram and never had a problem. I was told that the nail polish remover evaporates so quickly, it doesn’t cause any issues with the device. Hang in there!!

      • B says:


        What about hair dye?

        • Britton_Riley says:

          Hair dye shouldn’t cause a problem either. It didn’t for me, but just to be safe, I would always notify my Scram person (in my case, it was Gabriele) when I was going to have my hair colored. That way if they saw anything funny, they would know exactly why. After the first few times, she told me I wasn’t having any abnormal readings as a result of the hair dye and that it wasn’t necessary to tell her.

          • B says:

            Thanks again. Didn’t get any response to my questions yesterday with SCRAM provider.

          • Nicole says:

            This has been very helpful! You guys are great and let me just say I feel for all of you. THIS SUCKS!!! I am on my Scram for an unknown time period :( I am not an alcoholic and I am completely positive I can go without drinking, however wondering if I can drink o’douls or another non-alcoholic beer? Considering all the little things its set off by, I’m wondering, but my supervisor is really relaxed and knows the sensitivity and can tell when it’s on the skin/hair ect verse when it is digested… Opinions and help would be very appreciated. Good luck to all!! :)

  44. Kate says:

    Hello – I think my bracelet has been going off because my partner has been drinking :-( If he has been drinking a lot in a night should I just avoid him completely? I also have a very serious question about bartending- it is my job, and it has also been setting off the bracelet for environmental factors. I need to have this job to pay the bills – please help if you know how to reduce the environmental readings!! Also my PO strongly believes I’m drinking even though I’m not! I want to prove that I’ve been sober and continue to be sober but this bracelet seems to be set off by the smallest of things.

  45. Gale says:

    Does anyone know why the base unit has been going off (loud beeping and red light flashing) about every hour? I have checked all of the phone connections. I emailed and left messages for the “provider”. No response. It is keeping me up all night.

  46. erik says:

    I have to turn in my box and bracelet tommorow it over three hunderd miles away when can I unplug the box ? so I can get to driving this thing in so I can be back to work

  47. JAMES FRANCO says:

    What has happened to people after they get the scram off? random u.a’s for alcohol?? curious to see what is next..

  48. Dan Schulz says:

    I’ve had my scram on for a couple days now. i never smoked cigarettes before but occasionally i did smoke marijuana. i haven’t since I’ve had it installed cause i don’t want to take any chances. At any rate i purchased an e-cigarette from the store to try, thinking it was only nicotine vapor which is legal, come to find out they have glycerin in them, and apparently its fermented from sugars which from what i understand it contains some sort of alcohol. does anyone know if the e-cig will effect my scram? I’m going to call and report the incident as soon as they open Monday morning, I’m just terrified now that I’ve screwed myself unknowingly. anyone have any info on on this particular situation? I’m on the verge of a panic attack worrying about going back to jail. Any suggestions other than notifying my scram service as soon as they open?

  49. Gale says:

    I finally figured out why the base unit (which plugs into the wall) goes off with alarms and lights frequently. If the unit on my ankle is disturbed…for ex: if I move it to relieve some of the pressure, or if it gets caught on my pants leg, it goes off for about 15 seconds. I have no idea if that information is reported to the P.O. about a possible tamper alert. However, rather than unplug it, I just put it in the back of the laundry room so I don’t have to hear it.

  50. Gale says:

    This is getting ridiculous. I have been called twice now to return to the office to have the modem/bracelet checked. It is nearly a four hour drive each way. I have 60 days left of a 90 day sentence. It is time consuming and expensive and a major pain in the ass to drive there. And, what happens if it still doesn’t work? Do I need to move into the office there for the rest of the time? Of course, I cannot complain because all I get is, “Do you prefer jail?”

  51. Lou says:

    I am a bit nervous. I have had the scram bracelet on for about 4 weeks with another 2 weeks to go. I am in a sober living environment after completing a 6 month residential program. I have been sober 11 months, my sobriety date is Feb 18th, 2012. So all good.

    Today I got my haircut and did a quick “Just for Men” 5 minute hair color treatment at about 3pm. Right after rinsing I suddenly had this thought that the product might contain alcohol. It does, one of the ingredients being Isopropyl Alcohol. Of course I rinsed throughly after letting it sit on my hair for about 5 minutes. Rinsed and used soap on my body and pat dry around the bracelet as I always do.

    As soon as I returned to my SLE at 4 pm I took a voluntary, monitored UA. I read the comments from Kathleen at the beginning of the blog and it seems like they can distinguish between this and consumption of alcohol. I connected as usual at 9PM last night.

    I’m wondering what I should do, if anything. I’m so happy I’m sober and moving forward. Should I let my case manager know? It’s the long weekend so they don’t get in till tomorrow…

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hi Lou! Thank you for sharing your experience and CONGRATULATIONS on your sobriety! Personally, I liked to let my Scram provider know when I was planning to have my hair colored, just so that if something showed up they would already be aware of the cause. My instinct, based upon my own experience, is that you should be just fine but I would definitely let them know what you exposed yourself to. Thank you for reading and best of luck to you!

  52. Kate says:

    I got my scram bracelet on about a month ago for my second DUI. it is part of my supervised bail. This blog has helped some of my questions. I have gotten all non alcohol products- which was a hard change cause I miss perfume, normal shampoo and conditioner etc. I am a bartender and granted I have had some alerts at work due to not checking the ingredients in the soap and sanitizer that we use to clean our food dishes. The only few questions I have now are what are the stipulations with your spouse if they have been drinking? Kissing, intercourse, sleeping next to them? Can any of those things set it off?

  53. ECRUZ says:

    I have been on SCRAM for about a week now. When showering, i realize that only regular soap should be used. But what is the actual process of cleaning around the device? I have been applying soap on a wash towel and slipping it under the device for no more then a few seconds at a time. will this account as a tamper?

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hi Eric! I do not recommend putting anything between your skin and the device. Does your device spin around and move up and down? That is how I would wash the area under it. I would just move the bracelet up or down so that the area of skin was exposed and I could wash. Does that make sense? I hope you have a pleasant experience on SCRAM and please feel free to ask more questions!

      • ECRUZ says:

        Thanks for the quick reply! Its snug on, and im not able to move it around at all really. Along with that, then how do you properly dry it?

        SInce i did use a towel a few times to wash and dry, will this be considered a tamper? Im kind of a nerd, and was wondering if the IR scan is continuously monitoring the reflection form the device to the skin, or does it take temp, IR measurements at the same intervals as the alcohol TAC measurement? If so, then one can use a finger or a wash cloth to wash and dry the skin between intervals.

        I am a Type 1 Diabetic and concerned about irritation and possible infection; therefore, i am want to take particular care of the skin around device. Any tips for cleaning and drying the skin would be helpful!

        ON a minor note, any one know of men deodorant i can use? lol

  54. Chuck says:

    Hi Britton. First off, great site! I just got my SCRAM put on 3 hours ago… your blog has eased some of my anxieties. Thanks. Quick question- my SCRAM is going off every 5 minutes… why so frequent? I did have a “last hoo-ra” 48 hours before I got my SCRAM put on. Now I’m paranoid that it’s picking up residuals. Is this 5 minute frequency normal??

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hi Chuck! THANKs for reading! I am really happy to hear it has helped you so far. I don’t know why your Scram would be going off every minutes. It has been a couple of days since you posted this comment. Did you get that fixed and did you find out what was causing it? It should vibrate roughly every 30 minutes and the base unit only audibly beeps when it loses connection with the power source. Could that have been the problem? Thank you for your comments! OH, and I wouldn’t think your Scram would pick up a drinking event 48 hours prior to installation. Good luck to you!

  55. Dan says:

    Hi, I’m on day 3 of my new jewelry and was wondering about what kind of shampoos. And hair products like gel or pomade?

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hi Dan! I used all Aveda products while on Scram. I also used some Bumble and Bumble shampoos. I know hair spray is mostly alcohol, but I was careful about making sure my scram was covered when I sprayed it and I never had an adverse reaction. Like the expert (Kathleen Brown) said in the post, they have a way of telling if it is a drinking event that is being picked up, as opposed to something environmental. I washed with Dove bar soap and had absolutely no issues. Good luck and let me know how you are doing! Thank you for reading!

  56. Therese says:

    Hi! So happy to see this site exists. I was just let out of jail for two days due to a DUI and was fitted with SCRAM today (Ps-my officer said that I cannot bedazzle it or I will be fined!)and I am Terrified!! So here are my rapid-fire questions – is Cetearyl Alcohol considered offensive to the skin? I can understand the fragrances in some lotions being a violation but even cocoa butter?? Can anyone think of ANY non alcoholic lotions? I have very dry skin and this scares me… Also, what about bubble bath (without submersing the unit, of course) and can you be intimate with someone who has been drinking? Last but certainly not least, my mother made one of my favorite comfort foods to console me when I got out, and sure enough she put red wine in the recipe like always. The stew boils for hours, but she is beside herself right now thinking that she is sending me back to jail just hours after I got out.She called the company and they said they had never been preseted with such a case so they really didnt think it would affect my reading, but different websites claim different evaporation rates for cooked alcohol. We feel absolutely ridiculous for overlooking this. Anyway, I’m about to shower for the first time and am terrified. Wish me luck :/ Therese

  57. Annie says:

    I just got my scram put on about five hours ago I only have to wear it for 20 days plus I can only go to work and back this is my second DUI and my last so I think I got off pretty easy ! After i get my scram off I have to have to go in for random etg only 2x a month! I I do not plan on drinking at all during this nine-month probation ! My question is can I use Chapstick on my lips this time a year they are so chapped ! I really appreciate this website like all others out there I am confused about what soaps i can use and lotions but I think I can get through 20 days! It could be worse! good luck to all of you! I will be reading this blog daily to keep me positive!!

  58. Tina says:

    Thanks so much for being here. I have been on SCRAM for 8 days and paranoid as can be. If I blow this, it’s back to jail for me. No doubt I’m going to have a zillion questions before this is over. Has anyone tried Nivea Smooth Sensation or Jergens Ultra Healing body lotion? With the exception of my face, I have only used vaseline as a moisturizer. Just not doing the job for this dry skin! I also bake alot and use pure vanilla extract. I am assuming it is safe in a baked dessert, but what about cake icing when there is no baking or cooking involved?

    • Annie says:

      A friend of mine went to cvs pharmacy and got an oil that is non greasy that they make with no alcohol in it. He asked the pharmacist .. It really helps… Too nervous use anything else! I have had this on for 7 days… 13 more to go!! Could be worse! Can’t help you in the biking department!!

    • Shani says:

      I went to Whole Foods and bought 100% Jojoba Oil, and 100%Shea Butter. That’s what I’ve been using, and actually my skin has been softer than it was when I was still using lotion! I’m Af.American so I knew I couldn’t go 55 days with ashy legs. If you can’t afford this, olive oil will work too. You have to stick to the oils and butters, because pretty much all lotions contain alcohol.

  59. Ken says:

    I have a question. I have one of these bracelets and I was about to start injecting testosterone ethanate once a week. It contains 2 percent benzyl alcohol in my 10ml vial of testosterone oil and i would be injecting 2 ml per week. Would this bracelet detect such a low ammount and would I have anything to worry about?

  60. Anne says:

    last monday I have done nothing diffrent then what i do every day with my scram x WHICH IS DOWNLOAD and was notified on tue that they did not get my reading? well tue came around and i got a phone call from my case manager that said i did not read that day. Well i left work and went to read right away and called even to verfy and with no problem it camE back all 00000 and no alcohol. well wed came along and i got a phone call from my manager again and she stated to me that i tampered with my bracelet that (Monday) and she needed to violate me well obviously i had nothing to drink cause the readings on tue and wed came back negative, so to make along story short I got a right up and was told that i tampered with my braclet THAT MONDAY CAUSE THERE WAS NO READINGS AT ALL but in reality I DONT NO WHAT COULD HAVE DONE THIS….HAS ANY ONE BEEN THRU THIS EVER…. THANKS FOR READING…ANNE

  61. josh says:

    I guess iam just looking for some helpful advice please. I just got my scram bracelet taken off after 6 months of wearing it alchohol free. Mine was so bad for the first 3 months they had the wrong size bracelet on my ankle causing it to be way to tight bleeding through and down my leg. Next they replaced it with a better size 3 months later after 3 meetings with them and 20 phone calls. Now my plea deal is being taken away for a tamper charge but still read no alchohol they said while I was at work. I work in a jail I offered time card letter from chief and copy of camera I was in front of all day. Sa said tough scram ain’t wrong. Now I face revocation in my own state on top of the 5500 I paid in indiana. Any sugestions

  62. Amy says:

    I just got my SCRAM put on yesterday. I am freking out about everything…I bought new lotion and shampoo that has NO Cetyl Alcohol. But when I got home my conditioner has Cetyl Alcohol in it, my deodorant has Stearyl Alcohol in it and I draw blood from patients in a doctors office and have to wipe their arms with alcohol swabs. I DO wear gloves. But then I used my conditioner, deodorant and then used a little hairspray. I HOPE that it doesen’t read a positive on this. Do you think I’ll be ok?

    • FRANK BALUCH says:

      The Cetyl alchol is in most of the body lotions and and I
      have used them myself and it didnt cause any problem, I really
      can’t say anything about the swabs

  63. S.J.R says:

    Been on scram for 2 months and 5 days don’t know how much longer I have to be on it. At first I didnt know what to expect but with a little bit of change I’ve never had a problem, at every court date they check and I havent had a violation. Just about an hour ago I was working on my sons go kart and started pouring gas in it, a hose was disconnected and all the gas spewed out, gas was running down my hands and leg got a little nervous so I called the scram people and the lady told me everything should be fine that they can tell the difference between drinking alcohol and having something like that happen. All in All Scram aint to bad the people I’ve came in contact with have been friendly and helpful, the only problem I have is the price it’s hard to come up with that much money each month but I keep trying to get it cause like others have said it’s alot better then being locked up. Atleast with this I get to be with and see my Family everyday.

  64. FRANK BALUCH says:

    I got mine put on me on Feb 5th 2013. Since then I have
    been called twice by my PO, both time I was told that I tempered
    with it and then there was some Alcohol was detected but there is
    no actual Alcohol present or I would be Incarcenated. First time
    about a month a ago, I got a call on a Monday and the PO asked me
    to come and see them, when I went in he showed me some kind of a
    graph on a computer and said that for about 6 hours it was detected
    that I tried to tamper with the monitor, they asked me if I had
    wore long johns and or used any stuff around the monitor I told
    them what had happened and that I might have used pertolueum jelley
    on my feet because of dryness and wore long johns under my sweats
    to bed they came in the same night to my house and was there for
    like a minute and then left. Today I receievd a same kind of phone
    call and the guy told me the samething as last time and then he
    asked me where I was at a particular time because that was the time
    the tampering had staterted. I was actually sitting at me
    Physcologists office at the time they mentioned that the tampering
    had began for about 6 hours and then the same thing about alcohol
    present but nothing detected. I was all day at different Doctors
    offices and finally in the evening at the AA meeting, he said the
    samething that if there was anything dteceted we wouldnt be having
    this conversation. I told him that I wore the long underwear, but
    had no idea about where do I the alcohol was getting in the
    picture. After the first time I don’t even clean the house without
    wearing gloves, I have been clean for 7 months now and have not
    even smealt alcohol. I don’t know what to do, I know they don’t
    believe me and they don’t care if I go in, if someone has been in
    this situation please give advice.

  65. Melanie says:

    Hey this website is the most useful thing I have found since I’ve gotten the scram on! I’ve had it on for 5 months now while waiting for my 2ND DUI case trial to happen . I got a DUI LAST January and then a second one in october which I am trying to fight. The judge said she wanted this on for the duration of the case, which was supposed to be a month but has turned into 5. I go to court this tuesday and Im soooo stressed because Im dying to get this damn thing off already , enough is enough!but my lawyer said that the judge can very well just leave it on me for as long as she wants. my first dui I was a .15 and my second I didnt blow, wasnt drunk and didnt do anything stupid to even have to be dealing with any of this. so far, I havent read of anyone really being this screwed over. I was in counseling with tons of people and the only ones who got stuck with one of these bad boys was 3rd or 4th time offenders. WHAT I WILL SAY AS FAR AS MY EXPERIENCE , I havent had any violations and I HAVE NO IDEA HOW! lol… I work in a bar 5 nights a week, I have liquor all over my arms and hands and some times spilt on me. I also still use hairspray sanitizer conditioner body wash, lotion , perfume etc. Its extremely hard not to ! I just make sure that I never have anything touch the scram . The guys in my counseling classes also said that they just make sure products dont actually touch the scram and they have always been ok. My biggest issue is that summer is coming, I dont know what Im going to ever wear ( Ive been wearing boots all winter, I live in chicago BTW ) and I also love swimming… Of course I miss having a drink and going out and working at a bar doesnt help. The monthly cost also kills me . Im trying to move out and cant until I get this off since I pay almost 400 a month. I cant drive at all , and most likely wont be able to for a long time so I dont understand why after court this wouldnt come off?!

    • Debra says:

      Hi Melanie,

      I am so glad I read your post. I was afraid that my bracelet would test positive for alcohol after I sprayed a few sprays of perfume this morning. I see that you work in a bar and get alcohol all over your arms and you wear perfume too. Even though I am a 3rd time DUII offender I can see that you are having some of the same troubles I am having. I am having a lot of problems finding a job and I also have to move to a hotel because I can’t find sober housing fast enough. I know its only your second DUII but DUII’s are becoming so much more serious. Please let me know that you got through this ok. Its now September 2013.

  66. Michelle says:

    Hello. I have had my bracelet for almost a week. Yesterday I got a full set of nails and a pedicure. I saw the woman spray some sort of spray on my feet before. I freaked out and asked her what that was. She said that it was a disinfectant that she sprays before every pedicure. I called my company and they said everything looked fine, should I be worried? How long does it take a product containing alcohol to absorb in the system? Would it have already showed up on their end? I am so paranoid. Please answer.

  67. Erika H says:

    Hi Britton:
    I was so relieved to find you and your story. I too am a first offender with a bad auto accident with my daughter in the car with me. An angel was with us that night and God has granted me grace. We both came out with only bruises. we are lucky to be here today! My lawyer pleaded me down from a felony to a misdemeanor. We were waiting for the next court date when my lawyer said he wanted to try one one thing……I am now on scram and when I go back in 6 months the Judge is going to offer supervision!!!!!! ( providing no readings…easy cus I pretty much stopped drinking after my brush with death in Aug 2012) since my accident I have left somewhat isolated in my experience since this is really new to me and my group of friends. I have a loving husband and sweet 11 yr old daughter. Suddenly a light bulb has come on and I realized this happened to me so that I can teach and show others “Yes it can happen to you” so make a new choice!!!!! Many of my friend have really curbed there drinking and especially around there kids. You see I am 43 and the normal has always been get together with friends, drink, let kids run around all night…..this has changed. We are now showing our kids we can have fun without alcohol! This is how I grew up, parents hanging with friends drinking playing cards kids running wold. I always thought it was the norm!!!! Well not anymore. I look forward to reading your blog!!!!

  68. Justin says:

    Hi. I’M DYING. It’s only been 40 days of my 4 months. If I don’t have a drink soon I’m going to start cutting or something. How the heck are all these fellow bloggers only worried about product? I wish. I work really hard and I miss celebrating my accomplishments with a night out. I’m afraid once I get it off I might drink myself to death because it’s all I can think about. And just when I forget about not drinking, I get a buzz that reminds me. I would rather spend a month in jail, not hearing or seeing anything about alcohol than do this for another three months.
    Has anyone trading in SCRAM time for jail time. I WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Big Joe says:

    Hello all! So I have ignition interlock for 18 months and
    have been ordered to wear the beautiful Scram Bracelet for 90 day
    ($1460 ouch, was not told of costs until it was put on) I have only
    had it on for 3 hours, serious red marks around it, guess i will
    get used to it. Anyways the real question is : IS IT POSSIBLE TO
    SWIM? It has already been over 100 degrees twice and its only May
    17! I bought a boat last summer and cant possibly enjoy it without
    jumping into the water, hope there is a way to enjoy the

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Big Joe, don’t get your swimming trunks on just yet! You can NOT under any circumstances submerge that bracelet! You definitely don’t want to buy a new one. Hated to break that news to you, but I definitely don’t want to see you have to fork out all that dough. Have fun but stay dry!

  70. Michael says:

    Has anyone ever considered buying the tools to take it off and putting it on their dog for the duration of their term? Lol, I know it sounds ridiculous, but just curious if this has crossed anyone else’s mind….

  71. greg says:

    If I eat off of let’s say someones cheese Burger who was drinking will it set of my scram

  72. Angie says:

    Ok we’ll I just had this device put in the day before yesterday… is very tight and so uncomfortable! Is it suppose to be so very tight? And how do you deal with it? Mine will be on for only 50 days but it is so tight and uncomfortable that I am constantly trying to move it around for relief and it hurts to twist it around my ankle to move sides. Is that normal?

  73. Dia says:

    Britton, I want to thank you for writing with such a positive attitude here. I just got my new friend today and have been trying to keep a positive approach to situation. Your blog is truly a gift to me at this time and I truly appreciate not only what you have said, but how you have said it throughout this blog. Coming from a positive place is so helpful a situation such as this. Love & Light scrammy friend :)

  74. Sean says:


    Fantastic postings. What a lengthy wealth of knowledge you’ve amassed. So much, I don’t have time to read everyone’s…so for those of you who have read every post up to this point, I apologize in advance for any unintentional reiteration.

    I have been wearing my friend since March 1st. At the time, I had no license, and it was still rather cold here, but still I ran or biked to work every day (around 5 miles each way to the bus stop).

    I remain rather active, either running or biking fairly constantly, which has resulted in some minor discomfort, and a permanent sort of mosquito bite type of rash on the back of my ankle. Apart from that, I have had no physical concerns with the device.

    My problems have all been on the administrative and terribly frightening side.

    I was arrested in May of 2012 for my second DUI. My BAC was .087%, and hence, I committed the worst crime of my life. Due to one reason or another, perhaps my attorney, perhaps my judge, but most definitely because of my poor decision-making that night, I received a sentence of 45 days in jail, 6 months with our friend, and 18 months of probation.

    I keep my head up and remain positive, and haven’t had a drink since the night I was arrested. I have also lost 30 pounds, and gained some back as muscle, having started exercising regularly.

    None of this matters, however, when the device malfunctions.

    On 3 separate occasions, I have received terrifying phone calls from my probation officer, indicating that the device “spiked.” This should be no cause for concern, as I haven’t drank anything. Unfortunately, according to her, during the interim, whilst the crack mathematicians at SCRAM headquarters crunch the apparently very difficult to interpret data (yes, that is sarcastic), a warrant remains out for my arrest. This lasted for several days on the most recent occasion.

    That means, had I been pulled over, I would have been detained, incarcerated, the whole shebang, all because the process, at least in my area (Brookfield, WI) is convoluted, and frankly unfair to the point of unconstitutionality.

    I haven’t had a drink, I constantly wear a sock, and have never spilled anything on the device, yet I am on my 4th device.

    The least acceptable aspect of this issue seems to be that the data is not conveyed for several days. If the “spikes” had been communicated on even a nearly real-time basis, then I would gladly have trodden on down to the nearest police station or squad car for a breathalyzer in order to refute said inaccurate data. Instead, I get a phone call at least 3 days later indicating that there is a warrant out for my arrest.

    Perhaps the costs to taxpayers aren’t quite high enough to justify reasonable conveyance of data?

    Again, I remain fairly positive about all aspects of my life, and want only to follow the conditions of my sentence, “do my time,” so to speak. I know this is a long, wordy, venting, but I am beyond frustrated to think that even though I am more than complying with the terms of my probation, my children and very pregnant wife might, not to mention my very understanding employer, might have to do without me for a few days, simply because a device, or perhaps a company, is incapable of appropriate data management.

    Why say this now? Well, my device has been beeping about every 30 minutes for the past two days, so I am just biding time until either the next terrifying phone call, or worse.

    So, friendly neighborhood SCRAM company, please give your regards to my children tomorrow, should they have to go without a story from me as a result of this ineffective device/data flow. Hopefully you will also be able to let my boss know it is a “simple misunderstanding” if we are unable to close on our line of credit or make payroll, if I am incarcerated erroneously in spite of my concerted efforts to comply with the letter of the law completely and wholeheartedly.

    I know I made a huge mistake. I will never understand why the presumably lucrative contract with the manufacturers/managers of this program can be allowed to exist without consideration of the protection of the taxpayers, let alone the subhuman criminals who actually have to deal with wanton disregard for accuracy or human rights.

    All the Best, and again, Britton, thank you for reaching out to everyone.


    • Jeremy says:

      Sean!!! I am in the same boat, and not far from you in Greenfield, WI. Your well thought out and articulate response was frustratingly comforting. I actually have the TAD bracelet on. My last meeting with my PO resulted in hand cuffs, and a wonderful night in Milwaukee County jail, only to be told that the evidence was reviewed and found to be inconclusive of alcohol consumption. On top of it, I was treated like I was being done a favor and my probation could have been revoked even given the readings they had. Coincidentally, I also offered to go to the nearest police station at any time to take a breathalizer or the ETG urine test to prove I wasn’t drinking instead of just getting locked up. The response was that it might notify them when they aren’t working. I haven’t had a drink since my preliminary DUI hearing, and don’t want one. It seems the justice system doesn’t care however. I appreciate that the time I have served and am serving has improved my decision making and ultimately my life, but to be further punished while voluntarily being in compliance with this damn absolute sobriety is driving me insane. There’s got to be a better way for them to handle this. There’s got to be a way to initiate and implement procedural change. Just venting I guess. Hope I don’t go to jail for not drinking. Good luck to all of you too.

  75. AR says:

    Hello All

    I came across this website while searching for info on the scramx bracelet and I have to say that Ms Riley has done an awesome job at this blog.

    I was recently stopped for a 2nd DUI, so have been researching a lot about the consequences. I had one in 2006 and was stupid enough to get another one.

    I am in Orange County, CA and it seems that the DAs here start with a 60 day jail time for a 2nd. Hence, the research on this device since this might be an option. I have no other history but the DUIs. So, I am hoping that I am given this option.

    I am curious about one thing in particular. Does this device set off any other security detectors besides metal detectors? The reason I am asking is because my work-place has some security gate which is not a metal detector. I am scared to death now as I don’t want anybody to find out at work if I do get this option.

    Thank you all in advance for your feedback.

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hi there! No need to worry about a metal detector. I went through just fine with mine on. Not sure about the security device though. I would say you should be fine, but can’t confirm that from experience. Best of luck tony & thank you for reading!

  76. AR says:

    Hey Britton, thanks for the prompt reply. I will be visiting the blog often. Lot of useful info on here and I am trying to remain positive. Thanks again!

  77. Nautilus says:

    Shyello, everyone. I’ve had my SCRAM on for only a few days. I have been working through a temporary work agency and they called me today for a job, tomorrow, bottling beer at a local brewery. LOL, I know, right? Immediately after I said “hell yes” to the job and hung up, I thought, “aw crap.” So I called my SCRAM agent and gave her the scoop. She said it might register that there is alcohol around, but that it will be fine and to log the hours worked so she can inquire the temp agency about it, if necessary. Kinda sucks ’cause the temp place doesn’t know about my new bling and I’m ashamed of it, but what’re ya gonna do? Great blog. Thank you. And to all the people who are worried about using chapstick and lotion and such: Seriously, just call your agent and let this blog know what they say.

    P.S.: These bracelets are really expensive to maintain. Ten bucks a day. Dang! And some people pay more.

  78. Anthony B. says:

    I just got my new friend yesterday for 90 days and I am wondering if there is anywhere you can find a kist of shampoos,deodorants and antiperspirants ,soaps that will not alert on the Scram?
    Thank you

  79. Susy says:

    Can you drink non alcoholic beer with the scram bracelet?

  80. Lilliana says:

    Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon your website and
    in accession capital to assert that I get in
    fact enjoyed account your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you access consistently rapidly.

  81. scramette says:

    Thank you so much Britton for posting this fantastic blog. I have a couple questions which both relate to the discreetness (or not) of the device:

    1) How easy is it to hide under pants? Could you possibly pull a sock over it? Could you tuck it inside a boot? I am terrified of my coworkers seeing it on my ankle as I’m sitting at my desk.

    2) With regard to the noises that it makes…It chirps every 30 minutes? How loud is the sound? I work in an open office with cubicles. Are my coworkers likely to hear it? Does it sound every half hour on the clock? If so, I could plan to cough on cue to disguise the sound, but not if it’s coming randomly. Also did I read something about how a loud alarm will sound if they think you have either tampered with the device or drank alcohol?

    I guess my question is how safe is this device in the workplace? I will be fired if it becomes known I have this device.


  82. vinny says:

    I am on alcohol tether since last week while waiting for pre-trial exam. is it tracks, if you go out of state for one day. please help me, bcz I need to visit my brother for one day and I don’t have permission to leave the state.

    Thank you for your help

  83. PJT says:

    Hello and thank you. I came across this blog by accident after trying to find out if I could color my gray without some kind of violation and fear of having to return to incarceration.
    I read the whole blog… it has answered all of my questions. I live in WI. I am not of criminal background and have 2 DUI’s 9 years apart. I am on the bracelet now for 65 days after spending 7 in jail. That was an experience I will never allow for again.
    My not drinking isn’t and won’t be a problem. Previously I may of had an occasional glass of wine at dinner with business customers. The event that lead to my deciding it was okay to drink and drive was a work related outing… I had left my car at home and was at the designated drivers mercy. Needless to say with the drama that ensued at the end of the evening and a co-worker making out with the vice president of the company and then her husband out looking for her … I was asked to “get her home right away” to which I said, “yes”. I then was given the keys someone elses company vehicle and drive her home before her husband found her. I got pulled over when the officer parked outside the establishment noted that I was driving down the road with the mirrors folded in…. silly me.

    This whole experience has shed light on what seems to me to be an almost “not achievable” endeaver to those who may not have the income or support to even comply with the stipulations that come with being put on the bracelet and/or having to have the device put in your car. I see where some would have no other option than to sit in jail…where if you let it you can be overcome with depression. Granted, if you are use to and have adapted to the lifestyle of being incarcerated and don’t know any other way of life you wouldn’t get depressed but for those who are productive members of society, participate in community events, professionals who abide by (for the most part) laws and ordinances… making one irresponsible decision can and does have a severe impact on your present daily life.
    I am rambling.
    Thank you for the blog. It is nice to know there are those who share and need advice for getting through this type of ordeal. I will visit often.

  84. Berly says:


    Thank you. I received my lovely anklet today and was only told to avoid products that contained alcohol and to refrain from drinking. Wow, what a concept. I then went home and cleared out 90% of my bathroom. I thought for sure I was going to look like a homeless person within a week. I feel much better now.

    Although I do have one question… what about hair color? I am pretty gray, at a very early age, and I need to touch up every 6 weeks or so. Any advice?

    Thanks again,

  85. Hannah Angulski says:

    Does na beer affect your scram results?? Please help

  86. Rebecca Lee says:

    I’ve heard different things regarding sodas and diet sodas. As an avid vanilla coke zero and diet coke drinker should I be concerned or kick the habit? I feel like I’m calling my scrammer for every action/decision I’m making out of terror! Granted it’s still new, but I feel like I have turned into “that girl” and the whole office will have a personal relationship with me after it’s all said and done lol.

  87. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness! im so happy I found your blog! I have had my Scram on for 4 days now and ive been freaking out. the first night a spider was in my room and without thinking attacked the beast with bug spray! Which was a super bad idea cause i spiked. the lady was understanding enough, but i was really freaking out. i have no idea how long i have to wear mine which is frustrating. but im so glad there have been so many positive stories. It gives me hope to make it through my time was the scram. The lady told me no pedicures but im so happy that you didnt have issues, i HAVE to paint my nails! Bless you for this blog!

  88. sona says:

    I’ve had my scram for a week now. I just got done dying my hair,and when I read the ingredients it said isopropyl alcohol, would it had a effect on the scram? I’m really worried!help!

  89. Debra says:

    Wow! All I can say is wow. Well it is September 4th 2013 and I have been wearing the SCRAM Bracelet since July 11th 2013. Since this is my 3rd DUII in Oregon in 10 years I am charged with a Felony now. I was sentenced to 90 days in jail with no sanctions – meaning no bargains, but to my surprise the deputy came and signed me up for the SCRAM Bracelet on my 2cnd day. I had the money to maintain the SCRAM Bracelet and I asked my my boyfriend at the time to come and sign me out of jail to his home on the 3rd day. I have been in compliance with the monitoring this whole time and am happy to say that I have 71 days clean and sober from alcohol today! Unfortunately for me the conditions of the monitoring program are so strict that my now ex boyfriend wants me to move out of his home. He does drink and I think he thought in the beginning that he could abstain from bringing alcohol into his own house, but 3 weeks ago he asked me to move out. Since then its been extremely stressful for me. I moved out of my apartment and in with him before I went to court. He thought I would be in jail for 90 days and wouldn’t have this bracelet or the conditions of the bracelet when I got out. I have enough money to get my own apartment but unfortunately I don’t have a job and that is one requirement for leasing and apartment – a stream of income. I have interviewed in sober housing with no luck, the vote has to be 80% in your favor. I have posted ads that I am looking for a home and this is what happened: I got permission to meet with the home owner. Unfortunately for me he was only interested in getting a female to move in with him. His home was not free of alcohol as he promised, in fact he admitted that his two daughters and his son in law were Alcoholics and that his two daughters and ex girlfriend had all been in the SCRAM bracelet program in the last few years. So really all he was interested in was taking advantage of myself – the damsel in distress. After talking with him I told him that I would rather take my monitoring device to a hotel for the remainder of my sentence so that I can be sure there is no alcohol in the vicinity where I am and that I am not tempted to drink. I take Antabuse so I really can’t drink without getting very sick. My family is not here in Oregon so they can’t help me right now either. All I can do is pray that I get through this. I can’t find a job because they want me to work Monday through Friday and I can’t because I have to report to the monitoring facility at least one week day per week. The monitoring facility is not open on the weekends. I pray and hope that by renting a hotel it doesn’t make me run out of money before October 5, 2013. The clock is ticking for me. I only have 30 more days on this device. Pray that I find reasonable accommodations soon. As it is I have to move by Friday 9/6/13 to a hotel while I look for a sober home to stay in the SCRAM program. If I can’t stay in the program the only alternative is to go back to jail for 30 days and I know I won’t make it in there. Today I really messed up. I put a few spritzes of Alcohol Denat, or Denatured Alcohol perfume on my blouse and wrists without even thinking about the fact that this ankle bracelet tests for Alcohol. What the hell was I thinking? After talking with two people that have been on this bracelet we came to the conclusion that it may or may not be a problem. It depends if the bracelet shows some sort of spike. I’m so freaked out and confused:(

  90. Summer says:

    I just got my bracelet 2 days ago & it is driving me crazy!
    It’s too tight, I can barely adjust/twist it, my skin is irritated, red & tender. The guy at Scramx contradicted a lot of what you mentioned was OK (i.e. mouthwash, cold meds) so now i’m beginning to question everything he said wasn’t OK. For instance, do you think it’s Ok to dab a little baby powder under the unit?? I think it may help relief the discomfort, but certainly don’t want to take any chances.

  91. Ami says:

    Hey Britton! Love this blog thank you for sharing your story. Got my scrammy on yesterday and I had this dinner planned for my husband: lobster pasta. Recipe calls for steaming the lobster in water and white wine that’s then turned into the sauce for the pasta. Tho I know that the alcohol is going to cook off during the process, should I be worried about my scrammy showing a positive read like I’m drinking? Thanks much for your advice-

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hi Ami! First of all, YUM!! I bet your husband sure enjoyed that dinner! Like you said, the alcohol would cook off, so it shouldn’t cause any problems. However, it was my own personal decision to steer clear of anything containing alcohol, cooked or otherwise, because dealing with the consequences of something accidentally showing up just wasn’t worth it to me so I was careful of the chances I took. I wasn’t willing to compromise my hair and nails, but I was extra cautious about what I put in my mouth. Hopefully you had a wonderful dinner with your husband and you are doing well! Sorry for the delay in response and thank you for reading!

  92. Rachel says:

    Will vanilla extract in sugar free coffee show up?

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Rachel, I highly doubt you have anything to worry about with vanilla extract. The scram people can tell the difference in a true alcohol consumption and something like vanilla extract in coffee. By the way, yum! Never thought of that before, I just may have to try it!

  93. Taylor call says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve had the scram on for 2 days now and I’m so paranoid.
    I was curious about tobacco products….
    Sometimes I chew Copenhagen wintergreen longcut and looked at the ingridients and it has ethyl alcohol in it. The rep for my scram says tobacco products are ok and they can tell the difference between that and alcohol but I’m just not too sure about it. Any thoughts ?

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Hi Taylor! If your scram rep says it is okay then it probably is, but ultimately it is a personal judgement call. If you just don’t want to deal with the ‘what-ifs”, then don’t do it. Good luck!

  94. Mike says:

    Hi, I been looking through your blog and I must say its VERY informative. Greatly appreciated. I just have one concern, which I haven’t seen anyone ask about. I’m just on house arrest. I don’t have an alcohol problem or anything. The guy that’s monitoring me is pretty much an asshole. But I only have to deal with him for 4 more days. I don’t smoke in my house so I usually go on my front porch but he says that he will know if I even step foot out there. I just want to smoke my cigarettes in peace, i don’t want any problems. lol Does the base or bracelet beep/alert you if you were to leave your house? Or does it just send something to the guy that’s monitoring me?

  95. Carol says:

    Would going to a concert set off a scram bracelet? I’m going to one where it will be a tight crowd and I assume people around me will be drinking. I know others perspiration could be bad but what if my ankle was covered by leggings, socks, and a boot? Would other people affect me if any part of my body was exposed or just around my ankle?

  96. Cat - HELP says:

    i found this blog off of Google and am SO REVEALED to see some people in my circumstance. My accident occurred aug 8th/13, only a couple months ago. I’m on pretrial supervision and am not allowed to work at my job (a sports bar) anymore. The sad thing is is i am GOOD at what i do (bar-tending). i was trained at the Hard Rock in Tampa FL. Anyway, i suggested getting a monitoring device in order to work. LITTLE DID I KNOW the judge would agree to it, and now here i am with a Scrams device. I got in on yesterday and already messed up by using my conditioner on my legs as shaving cream and even putting hand sanitize on IN THE RECOVERY CENTER i JUST got the device on at. Well the guy at the place they offer this device is COMPLETELY UNEDUCATED on the risk factors of the device. HE WAS EXTREMELY UNHELPFUL!!!! So i searched on Google for things to avoid in products such as deodorant. The weird thing is basically EVERYTHING IN THE 20TH CENTURY CONTAINS SOME SORT OF ALCOHOL. I ended up crying myself to sleep last night thinking that my pretrial supervisor was going to pop up and arrest me for having my monitor triggered by alcohol. I brought this question up to the guy at office about how likely will things effect the device. HE HAD NO GOOD ANSWERS! He basically said STAY AWAY FROM EVERY SINGLE THAT THAT HAS ALCOHOL!! EVERYTHING! So i’m freaking out and scared to step outside or touch anything. I read this blog and brought up the things on here asking if as long as the device reading does not show up as a drinking curve then i should be fine? He told me NO! Stay AWAY from EVERYTHING! So i’m scared to even trust the answers on this site; even though in my own common sense it sounds legit. If i don’t put those things around the device it should be fine. And when it comes to consuming alcohol that is totally under my control, and i will not risk my liberty to alcohol; therefore NO i understand DON’T DRINK. What i don’t understand is how likely are they going to believe me when i say i accidentally realized my deodorant or facial wash had isopropyl alcohol in it! (The guy didn’t even understand the scientific terms i brought up to him he just starred at me like an idiot) I have a BA in clinical psychology and have studied drug recovery with such devices as these, and yes it sounds logical to say that a simple hair conditioner should not reflect a drinking cycle on my data reading. HOWEVER, with all caution, i am so scared that i can’t do this and will end up be wrongfully arrested. So basically, guys, i’m scared, i’m a good kid, scholar at that, and i made a mistake. None of my friends have ever come close to getting in a drunk driving accident, nor my family, so i have no one to talk to about their experience. And whether these questions that i have occurred in there minds and whether they got answers. So tomorrow i’m calling to hear for myself. I just hope that i can do this. Its nice to know that you have gotten through this and made a blog because i would have never felt some-what of an ease during this hectic time if i didn’t find this site. Nonetheless i am still paranoid about this thing. But i know there may be hope that i can live normally. Unlike the info. the man gave me at the recovery center. Its funny because everybody told me the device itself would bother me, but i chose this, and actually i was comforted knowing i was going to be able to prove i don’t drink normally and i was no risk to anyone even remaining at my job. BUT NOW, i feel more like this could bite me in the a** if i mess up! So if there is any info. or advice you could give me, that would be great.

  97. Universal Law says:

    I was arrested on a DUI offense w a BAC of .18 on November 18, 2013, the bail was 35,000$ but come morning, I was released on my OR. Unfortunately i managed to get 3 dui’s within a 4 year span. When i called my atty ( he also handled my two priors ), i didn’t think that when my atty went to see the judge , that he would call me and tell me the judge had put her own bond of 100,00$ in me. So my atty told me he had pushed the court to Friday ( this was wensday). He had prepared me to get bail money and a bondsman together. So when I went into court yesterday, facing the same judge that handled my 2 priors and was famous for giving ppl the highest ruling/punishment she possibly could, my attorney had already told me what was in the table. I am facing 3 months jail, 3 years mandatory alcohol program, one meeting a day minimum and residential or outpatient treatment. So after posting 8000$ and getting hit with having to get the scram bracelet by 3 o’clock that day or come back in front if the judge, I rushed as fast as I could to Sentinel services, which is an hour drive. I get there and the installation charge and god knows what else is 550$ and 15$ a day. The girl that put Scramie on me first had me watch a video on the scram , the do’s and dont’s while having Scramie on me. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, a panic attack was starting to develop, I was feeling like I was going to pass out with every tug of the bracket getting tighter and tighter in the right ankle. I smoke a little bit of pot when I get home to help me relax. ( I live in CA) the last time I was abstinent from alcohol was a year and half ago, I drank everyday, how was I going to handle nit drinking???!!… I was freaking out, I take 2 benedryls and finally am able to sleep. At 3:00 am and 5:00am I hear the land line ringing. (The number Sentinel has for my download or check in or whatever the hell it is) I was too late to answer either call). Now after reading some of the comments here, I’m some what worried that I have a false positive or something. Scramie has been bothering ms all day. Hardly able to move it, it digs into my ankle, hella uncomfortable. I tried oiling it with baby oil, even baby powder…. I’m praying that Scramie will learn to relax and loosen up a bit. I started reading to pass my time and interestingly enough I’m not craving a drink at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve only had scramie with for a day and half so far, so it hasn’t been long. I don’t CRAVE a drink, I do think about Jack, wino,, etc.., but I’m not craving it… I had been given the book,”The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure”, by Chris Prentiss, and never opened it…. That is till yesterday, and lo and behold….. It’s an amazingly good read and very relatable, except Pax, Chris’s son ( alcoholic, heroin addict) had never been arrested or had run in’s with the law. I came across this site and was surprised at how much information is out there about Scramje.. I find myself freaking out with everything I come in contact with. I’ve been trying to get Scramie to be a little more comfortable, I took a shower with it and was tapping it constantly to make sure that no water had damaged it, I look closer and I see the girl who put this onl my ankle, didn’t screw one side completely so there’s a tiny but visible opening…. Shit… SHIT is the only thing that crosses my mind… Come the 19th of this month ( December), my license will be suspended for a mandatory 3 years… So the bus is going to be my only mode if transportation. I see the girl at sentinel once a month, for a indefinate amount if time untill I see the judge again ( Jan 13,2014). My lawyer says 6 months but nothing has been set in stone yet. I go to medical assisting school so I know come Monday, I’m going to have to double glove up during clinicals… I guess like some on the people on this board have mentioned, Sceamie won’t feel so uncomfortable after a few days… I’m really amazed at how I’ve been so fucking stupid in my decision making ability when it comes to alcohol.. This is a HUGE wake up call. I think about what I’m facing, this being my third DUI, and I realize, nothing good has ever come from alcohol, NOTHING. I plan on breaking this addiction, one way or another, even tho I have mixed feelings about Scramie, my gut tells me, I need a watch dog with me….. I need to break this cycle and be pro active with this addiction and if Scramie is going to help me, well so be it… I’m checking labels on everything, absolutely EVERYTHING… It’s better than trying to prove ur innocence if something were to happen, after all… I wasn’t ordered to have the Scramie on me because I’ve been a contribution to society. Having Scamie takes getting used to and it’s negatives ( uncomfortable, embarrassing, expensive, etc) but at least I’m not in a jail cell… I’m praying to god that getting enrolled into outpatient treatment will keep me away from jail completely.. Good luck to everyone dealing with these legal issues. Thank you Riley for this website!! It’s really a great go to source..

  98. Codi says:

    Hi all! Well I am now apart of this scram fam. I’ve had it on for 2 days now and its so uncomfortable! I called my scram dude about the lotion I had, he told me to just use jergens lotion so I googled it and it has alcohol in it so I’m so confused ! Anyway thank you for all the info !

  99. Lynne says:

    I’ve had the bracelet on for 2 months and have 7 more to go. The alcohol you have to stay away from is ethyl alcohol which is found in many products. I don’t put on any perfume, use mouthwash, or eat anything with a lot of extracts in them. Hair color is fine and so is nail polish remover – I use acetone. I haven’t had any problems so far. My PO said that the sensor on the inside tests your temperature because if you drink your temperature goes up. Lotions are ok (any without ethyl alcohol) as long as you don’t get it on the device. I’m very curious how far you can go away from the base safely. I’m on house arrest and would like to be able to at least walk around the house when the weather gets warmer – not looking forward to spending spring and summer in the house. I’ve searched online, and heard opinions but can’t find anything definitive. Does anyone have the answer to this?

    • Roberto says:

      Lynne, you have a 160 ft radius. But, and its a big but, technically you aren’t allowed outside on house arrest. Depending on your PO though, you might get permission to go onto a porch or something of that nature. I was given special permission to do so in order to smoke. My PO told me that my apartment should be treated as though its a jail cell. But she likes me and I’m honest with her. So talk to yours if u haven’t already.

  100. Mary Anne says:

    Hi. I got the Scramx today. I drank a bottle of wine last night. There were 15 or more hours in between since I drank. How far back can the Scram detect alcohol use??

  101. Bob says:

    Can u drink non alcoholic beer on the scram bracelet?

  102. Merina says:

    I’ve had the scram on for just over a week now and have 2 years to do. So far I’m handling the knowledge that I can’t drink anymore because I know I have a serious problem and this can only help.
    The worst thing is I go canoeing all the time so I was quite bummed when I was told I couldn’t go anymore if I didn’t want to risk a 1500$ charge to replace it. I can’t believe they haven’t made this bracelet waterproof yet!
    I just found a waterproof cast cover online though, for 38$! It says it is safe to go off diving boards and all! I will be buying it right away and will let you all know how well it works!

  103. Roberto says:

    Britton, thank you tons for this blog! Very informative and I can rest easier knowing what not to do. Scrammy is changing my life for the better but he’s certainly annoying. They originally put it on too tight and my foot became swollen. I read different things online saying that they wouldn’t loosen it. But I guess I got lucky because they did loosen it and couldn’t believe it was that tight. My foot has since regained its normal size. 79 days to go… woohoo can’t wait. Thanks again!

  104. a says:

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  105. kaji says:

    How can I subscribe to be a scram fan???

  106. Reddingspecial says:

    I have had my scram on for almost two years. It was put on for a picture on face book my P.O saw.
    That was 21 months ago… Should I get a lawyer to get this off? I have never once violated or even spiked… So frustrated I could cut the darn thing off!

  107. Barbara says:

    I found that wearing a wrist sweat band below the ankle monitor protects your ankle bones from getting sore and is more comfortable

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