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Not Crazy, Just Particular

June 4, 2013 by Britton_Riley

So it’s 3 am and I am wide awake. It’s because my mister is on the road, headed back to Florida. He was home for the weekend and it’s time for him to go back to work. When he is on the road this early in the morning, its pretty tough for me to sleep. Usually I watch TV for 2 hours and then fall asleep for a little while until it’s time for me to get ready for my own work day. Living this way is really tough! I sure do hope we can get a buyer on our house soon.

I am pretty sure everyone does things others may think are crazy or at least a little weird. I do! I have certain preferences and behaviors that are “uniquely mine”. I am very very particular about things being lined up “just so”, my spices are alphabetized, towels in my linen closet are folded “just so” and all facing the same direction. I get it from my mom. She’s awesome, but super duper particular…..and so am I! I am getting worse the older I get. People around me who don’t understand think I’m strange. Others appreciate how organized I am.

While I have my own set of particulars on the inside of the house, my mister has HIS own set of particulars on the outside! He used to do landscaping, so he has a certain way he likes things done. Yesterday we hired a crew to lay pine straw (that’s “mulch” down south) and OH BOY was it amusing to watch him pace the floor and run from window to window, watching as they laid it! He was having a fit! Did you know that you are supposed to “massage” the edges? That’s the word he used! He was so full of anxiety about this pine straw that finally we just had to leave. He just couldn’t watch anymore, so he paid the man and asked him to move his truck so we could get out of the garage.

We went to have lunch and returned to find….

 Okay, here’s the back…..see what you think

 I should have taken a picture of the work in progress and maybe you’d understand his anxiety. Can you see that they rolled the edges? Apparently that’s what he was calling “massaging”. He scoured every inch of the yard when we came home, it was like a dog sniffing to see who’s been in his back yard! He made sure the pine straw was laid evenly  and he stamped some of it down so it wasn’t so fluffy. (Personally, I like it fluffy!) He carefully tucked it under each and every plant. He was so funny!

I have to say, as amusing as it was to watch and as strange as I thought the whole thing was, I do understand. He must watch me folding my towels, sheets, or putting groceries away in amazement, just as I watched him with that pine straw. I guess this is part of being newly married, too. You get to discover things about each other every single day! Luckily I am learning to see these things as endearing qualities, rather than annoying :)

Oh, another “unique” thing about me…..I DVR Dr. Phil. I watch it daily. GUILTY AS CHARGED! On one of the recent episodes, Dr. Phil was interviewing a lady who said she was wearing Scram! Dr. Phil said “you’re wearing it right now?” and she said “absolutely” …, as if she could take it off?? I thought that was so cool! Okay, maybe “cool” isn’t exactly the word, but let’s just say I could relate….and I was secretly hoping to catch a glimpse of that bracelet!


  1. Patricia Reese says:

    The yard looks nice!

    I hope you can stay awake at work today!

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Oh I did! I’m not even tired, which is crazy! I think I’m living on adrenaline from the awesome news we got today! I’ve been in another world since the phone call.

  2. Linda Quinn says:

    Hi Britton,
    I’m glad you’re back. (Sorry it took me so long to tell you.)
    I so enjoy reading your blogs and am very proud of you! Keep up the good work. Did you ever think of publishing a book?

    • Britton_Riley says:

      Well hello there Aunt Linda! Thank you and I am glad to know someone is reading :) It has been suggested to me to publish a book and I might be interested in that at some point. For now though, it just seems like an impossible thing to take on. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. But wow, what a compliment!

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