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Valentine’s With A Twist Of Lime

February 19, 2014 by Britton_Riley

Would you believe I started this blog post on February 13th, worked on it some more February 15th, and today (February 18th) I am DETERMINED to finish and publish tonight….even if that means “multitasking” by blogging while watching American Idol. This is ridiculous! This is also why I have so much time lapse between posts. Sorry y’all, I will try to get my act together….. :)

Recently I have discovered Podcasts! Podcasts are my new guilty pleasure. I love to listen to them in the car, while I am getting ready in the morning, and if I go out walking for exercise. My favorite Podcast to listen to is Dr. Drew (Pinsky)…you know, from Teen Mom, Celebrity Rehab, and Loveline. He works a lot with addiction and seems to really know his stuff. I enjoy his podcasts because  he has guests on there who have personal stories of addiction and I can really relate. Dr. Drew just had Jane Velez-Mitchell on his show, who has been sober for 18 years and she said something that I really liked….someone once told her that “nothing that I can do sober will ever be as embarrassing as what I have already done drunk”. I LOVE THAT! Statements like that make me want to hold tight to sobriety.

Well, we have moved…..YET AGAIN! (Another reason I have been delinquent with my posts)

Oh my goodness, I think I could open my very own moving company by now and be quite successful. Of course I would need my “packer” (my mom), my “driver/heavy lifting partner” (my mister), and my “unpacker” (my mother in law), as they are all members of my little moving team. This time we moved only a few miles away. Like I mentioned before, the apartment was simply a temporary place for us to be, while we waited for the house in Georgia to sell. We had to sign a 7 month lease, so we were obligated to stay until the middle of January even though our house sold in September. Our more permanent rental house wasn’t available until February so we extended our stay at the apartment a little longer, as painful as it was since the “natives” (other residents) had become restless….by that I mean neighbors fighting loudly from all directions, pet owners not picking up after their dogs in the dog park and me stepping in piles making me very upset, babies crying and the father shouting from another room “HEY!” expecting that to make the crying stop, toddlers banging the door because with the chain lock the door will only open so far and the child repeatedly opens the door until the chain extends as far as it will go and bangs over and OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER, the same toddler having a tantrum in the bathroom on the other side of our wall because he must not want to take a bath or maybe he’s afraid to poop in the toilet or possibly afraid to flush, cops coming because people are backing into other residents’ cars at 11 pm, oh and my very favorite…the Department of Child Protective Services knocking at our door looking for the dirty neighbor across the hall who fights with her roommates and has two kids (who also was involved in the police activity on more than one occasion)…WHEW, glad that’s over! Now don’t get me wrong, my mister’s company didn’t put us in the slums. The complex was very nice, brand new, and the apartments were just getting leased for the first time. At first, it really was great (for apartment living), but then the riff raff started moving in….just as we reached our expiration!

Thank goodness we are out of that apartment and our stuff is finally out of storage! I have my kitchen back!! That means I can actually do some REAL serious cooking and baking….and I already have!! I made a batch of peanut butter cookies that have a chocolate kiss in the center for my mister to take to work for Valentine’s week and then I made Valentine’s sugar cookies for my mother in law to give to her group of close girlfriends that she had over for lunch on Valentine’s day. I used almond extract…and an extra pinch of LOVE (my special ingredient!). They were a real hit with the ladies!

As I was busy baking and decorating the cookies, my mom called as she was baking at the very same time! Great minds, eh? She was baking a cake that I had given her the recipe for that she was taking to take to her “card club” get together. She was asking for special personal experience type of instructions, past what the recipe provided. I had only made the cake once before and it was a royal disaster….from the first measuring cup…to the very last bite. Literally.

As we baked together via telephone we discussed the cake and how delicious it was going to be and my mom was lamenting that she wouldn’t be eating any. You see, she has been on a very strict eating regime which involves a vegan diet. As she has said in some of her comments on my posts when talking about my struggles with addiction, she has struggled with food addiction and as a result, battled with her weight for some time. When I heard her sigh and say that all of her friends will be digging in to that sweet, calorie filled decadence and she will just have to watch, I piped up and said “NOW you know how I feel sitting in a bar!” We had a little moment where we completely understood each other’s struggle. What an interesting perspective for the both of us. It was sweet.

This is my “Chocolate Raspberry Dream Torte” EXPLOSION! (Pampered Chef recipe here) My mom’s cake turned out to be a beautiful success, nothing like what’s pictured here.

Oh, and ironically enough, here’s the last bite….

WHY, you ask would I have taken a picture of the last bite?? Well, like I said…it was literally a disastrous cake from beginning to end. It was, however, a delicious cake and I highly recommend it!

Our new house has a tiki “Lounge” in the back yard! How fun! I am very adamant about calling it a tiki LOUNGE rather than a tiki BAR for obvious reasons :) It will be fun to sit around and have sparkling water with a twist of lime!

Speaking of sparkling water with a twist of lime, that’s exactly what I had on Valentine’s Day at one of our very favorite restaurants down on the water, the “Columbia Restaurant”, where they have mojitos that will make even the dryest of former drunks salivate and sangria that comes in a special pitcher that they actually MAKE AT YOUR TABLE! It was such a gorgeous day on the patio right on the water, it was Valentine’s Day, and I was with my mister. A table of ladies next to us were sharing a bottle of wine (talking loudly, so it may have been their second bottle of wine), the lady who sat alone at the table to our other side ordered a whole pitcher just for herself, a table of people nearby were drinking mojitos, and my willpower was definitely tested. I wanted to feel good with a special drink, so I ordered this…..

It was delicious, refreshing, and I felt special!

Definitely a great alternative!


  1. Rachel says:

    I am so glad you’re back to blogging!! I thought maybe you had stopped because, perhaps, the blog was less popular without your SCRAM bracelet updates. I love your southern style of writing and seeing what sober adventures you’re onto next!

    I ran into your blog because I am also on the SCRAM program. Actually, I live in Knoxville TN and go to the court house you talk about in your posts and I am also assigned to Gabrielle at the mother-ship. Your blog was so helpful in prepping for my journey and I have had an overall good experience! I had some physical problems due to the bracelet for about the first half of the journey, damn my tiny calves. I get mine off in a week.

    I decided to check your blog out to see what info you had about your decision to stay sober after the bracelet was off. I think I am just as stressed not about getting it off than I was when I was going to get it on!! I just have no idea what decision I should make about my sobriety. Don’t get me wrong it is going to BE SO NICE to not have to hide my leg any more, especially at work! But to drink again or not to drink again…….ahhhh that’s the unanswered question.

    Any who, I just wanted to show some appreciation for your blog. I’m definitely going to find that cake recipe to give it a try!

  2. Sarah Fihn says:

    Hello there! I hope all is well. It’s been awhile since a blog and I didn’t see you on FB so I am hoping things are going well for you! You are missed online!! Take it easy, Sarah

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